Dr Oz: TOFI- Thin On The Outside & Fat On The Inside: Secretly Obese


Dr Oz: Secretly Obese Signs

Doctor Oz did a segment with Dr Glenn Gaesser, who disagrees with what Dr Oz says about weight loss.  Then, Dr Oz and Dr Gaesser brought up Laura, Jenae and Marybeth, 3 volunteer audience members, to demonstrate how you could be TOFI (Thin on the Outside and Fat on the Inside.) This was one point Doctor Oz and Dr. Gaesser agreed upon.

Dr Oz: Thin On The Outside & Fat On The Inside

1. You have a family member that died suddenly of heart disease. Dr Oz Secretly Obese Laura stated that her aunt died of heart disease.


  1. Stacy says

    Here’s what bugs me about some people. They still see with superficial eyes. They automatically think that if you’re thin, you’re healthy. I know of one girl who says she’s never ever eaten a cookie or cheeseburger or what she calls ‘crap’. Either she’s lying or she has an unhealthy obsession with food. I saw Paula Deen on your show a while back. This girl seems to think that Paula and only Paula is the cause for the rise in obesity and diabetes and her food is causing diseases. From what I’ve seen, Paula uses ‘real’ food most of the time. Fried chicken once in a while never hurt. I still don’t think people understand that you can even gain weight by eating too much of the right foods. It may be healthy but eating 3 servings at a time isn’t. I believe that everyone has a choice of what food they eat. They can’t blame Paula for being overweight. They are responsible for their health and have no one to blame when they eat the wrong foods. Actually, from the article I’ve read in my health magazine is that diabetes and obesity are on the rise but in the ‘thin’ people. I’m not a size 4 and don’t care to be but I bet you I can run circles around the thinner girls. Looks can be deceiving. People need to stop judging others based on their weight and jean size. Most of the time, that doesn’t reflect what’s going on on the inside.

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