Dr Oz: Toilet Paper Tampons & Scented Pantyliner Allergies

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Dr Oz: Toilet Paper Tampons & Scented Pantyliner Allergies

By on May 10, 2012

Dr Oz: What’s Up Down There

Do you have more questions about down there? Good, because on today’s Dr Oz show (What’s Up Down There), he was joined by Gynecologist, Lauren Streicher, to discuss the biggest mistakes you may be making down there. You have the questions and they had all the answers! But first check out Dr Oz addressing common women’s health issues like is it safe to use your husband’s razor down there?  Can you be allergic to scented pantyliners?  Is it safe to make toilet paper tampons in a pinch?

Is it Safe to Use Your Husband’s Razor Down There?

One audience member wanted to know if it was okay to use her husband’s razor to shave her “lady parts.” Dr. Streicher said this was a mistake because men’s razor are more than just a different color. Men have coarser hair and their razors are designed to cut that coarse hair. If you use his razor, it may result in nicks and cuts in a sensitive area. These nicks may become irritated and infected and bring on more issues.

Toilet Paper Tampons

Is it ok to use toilet paper instead of a tampon in case of an emergency? Dr Oz answers audience questions.

Are Toilet Paper Tampons Safe?

Adaliz, an audience member, wanted to know if it was okay to use toilet paper instead of a tampon for emergency situations. She said she would roll up the toilet paper to look like a tampon and place it inside. (Never, ever heard of this one!)

Dr. Streicher said in desperate times people do desperate things, however, this may be a big mistake. When you stick toilet paper on the inside, it becomes moist and falls apart, which may result it stuck piece of toilet paper with no way out. This may cause bacteria and irritation. Instead, try using a makeshift pad on the outside. If you’re really desperate, use a sock on the outside. (A sock? Wow! Never heard of that one! Wish I still didn’t…)

Scented Pantyliners Cause Allergies?

Jessica, an audience member, said in order to stay fresh, she use scented pantyliners? She wanted to know if this was okay. (You’d think it was okay because why make the product if it’s not okay—I know, dumb observation!)

Dr. Streicher says this is a mistake. The stuff manufacturers use for the scent is actually an irritant. (This goes for perfumes and sprays, too.) When you get irritated, it mimics the signs of something else, like a yeast infection. Dr. Streicher says if you’re using pantyliners, the bigger question is why are you using them in the first place? Do you have other issues like a discharge or an odor down there? If so, you should be visiting your doctor to tackle the issue instead of trying to cover it up.

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