Dr Oz: Tombstoning & Widow Maker Heart Attack Symptoms Bob Harper


Dr Oz: Bob Harper Widow Maker Heart Attack

DR-OZ-WIDOWMAKER-TOMBSTONINGDr. Oz did an entire show on Bob Harper’s Heart Attack, which happened three months ago.  Bob Harper didn’t have just a regular heart attack, he went into full Cardiac Arrest and had what is called a Widow Maker Heart Attack.  The survival rate for a Widow Maker Heart Attack is only 6-10%.  It is one of the most lethal types of heart attack, and can be often spotted by looking for Tombstoning on a heart monitor.

Dr Oz: Tombstoning Heart Monitor

What is tombstoning?  Usually, when you see a heart monitor tracing, it should be flat-ish with spikes.  But Tombstoning looks more like tombstones on the heart monitor, and send a red flag that you are likely to have a Widow Maker Heart Attack.

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