Dr Oz: Tongue Discoloration, Ear Wax, Adult Acne & More Embarrassing Questions

By on October 4, 2011

Dr Oz: 50 Questions About Your Health Answered

Dr Oz answered 50 questions about your health that are common but that we are often too embarrassed to discuss.  Do you have questions about health issues you need answered? Check the article below to find out what causes issues such as Tongue Discoloration, Toenail Fungus and Ear Wax – and how to cure these health problems.

Dr Oz: Tongue Discoloration Remedy

Dr Oz said that Tongue Discoloration can signify several conditions. To figure out the issue, take a few moments to check out your tongue in a mirror.  Karen, an audience member had Dr Oz check out her tongue, which has been discolored for a few years.  He said that everyone’s tongue contains Filiform Papillae, which gives your tongue the appearance of a fuzzy-like surface. These fuzzy nodules on the tongue may become stained from certain foods and long-term medications. Brushing your teeth can even cause a residual stain.

Doctor Oz’s Tongue Discoloration Remedy: In order to get rid of the discoloration, try brushing your tongue with a baking soda and water mixture.

Dr Oz: Ear Wax Mineral Oil Remedy

Dr Oz said that Ear Wax is a normal defense mechanism to protect your ears, however, excessive wax in the ears and/or a brown residue inside your ear can be an embarrassing problem. You may be inclined to use a cotton Dr Oz Adult Acneswab to remove the ear wax, but according Dr Oz, that may cause more of an issue. Using a cotton swab only pushes back the wax and with excessive force, can even damage the eardrum.

Doctor Oz’s Ear Wax Remedy: Try placing a few drops of mineral oil inside your ear before you go to bed. During the night, the mineral oil will dissolve the wax and the wax will come out the next morning.

Dr Oz: Smelly Belly Button Remedy

Dr Oz was asked by Sherry (a lady from his audience): are belly button smells normal?  She told Doctor Oz that she has attempted to cover up the problem with perfume but that still did not help. What should she do?

Dr Oz said that belly button smells are caused by culprits like clothing lint, dirt from dead skin cells and sweat. All of these cause bacteria build up and emit an odor.

Dr Oz’s Belly Button Remedy: Use a cotton swab to clean the belly button with rubbing alcohol every day, or you can use an antibacterial ointment. Also, remember to dry the belly button thoroughly after every bath or shower.

Dr Oz: Toenail Fungus Tree Oil Remedy

The summer may be ending but in certain locations, you still may be able to rock those open-toe sandals… but not with toenail fungus.

Wendy, an audience member, has had toenail fungus for twenty-years. She is a runner and sports enthusiasts but is embarrassed by her yellow, crusted big toenail. According to Dr Oz, the fungus may be caused by the banging of her nail against the shoe, which causes trauma. Bacteria and fungus may also be forming under the nail bed, giving the nail a dried and crusted appearance.

Dr Oz’s Toenail Fungus Remedy: Combine tree oil and sunflower oil and apply it to the infected area with a cotton ball.

Dr Oz: Adult Acne & Retin A

Acne is not cute for anyone, but for an adult, it’s even worse. Victoria, an audience member, asked Dr Oz what is the best cure for Adult Acne, because she’s tired of hiding behind makeup.

Draining or “popping” the pimple may leave a large pocket which ends up with a scarring pox mark appearance.

Dr Oz’s Adult Acne Remedy: For smaller pimples and scars, use Retin oil cream. For larger scars, visit your local Dermatologist to find out the best remedy. Do not pop the pimple. This may leave a large pocket, which could end up as a scarring pox mark.

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