Dr Oz: Tonsil Stones, Charley Horse and Ear Popping Tips

Dr Oz did a segment on what your weird body quirks say about your health.  Doctor Oz’s Assistant-Of-The Day, Cindy from seat 153, cannot touch her nose with her tongue, but Dr Oz can.  Why can some people touch their tongue to their nose and others cannot?  Dr Oz said that people with a long Frenulum have more flexibility to extend their tongue out of their mouth and can reach up further.  Dr Oz also spoke about other strange body quirks like Tonsil Stones, Charley Horses and Ear Popping.

Dr Oz: Tonsil Stones

Dr Oz said that bad breathe can come from many sources including food rotting in your stomach or in your teeth.  But another place that food can get stuck is in your tonsils, which are Dr Oz Body Quirksactually lymph nodes.  When food builds up on your tonsils, then Tonsil Stones can form.  If these fall out into your mouth, it can feel like little rocks in your mouth.  If you have bad breath or a sensation that something is stuck in your throat or a sore throat, perhaps you have Tonsil Stones.  Dr Oz said that Tonsil Stones usually go away on their own, but you can help it along with a cotton swap.  I don’t know about you, but if I put a cotton swab by my tonsils, I think it would make me throw up!

Dr Oz: Charley Horse Leg Cramps

Dr Oz said that a Charley Horse is a leg cramp that happens because you are not massaging your muscles or moving enough.  If you are dehydrated or lose a lot of potassium from working a lot during the day, this can increase your chances of getting a Charley Horse.  Dr Oz said that if you get a Charley Horse, take a moist towel and wrap it around your leg.  Also, take your foot and pull your toes back towards your calf as far as you can to help stretch out the muscle.  To help prevent Charley Horses caused by a lack of potassium, try eating one banana every day.

Dr Oz: Ear Popping

Dr Oz said that Ear Popping happens (like on an airplane for example) because the pop is the equalization of pressure.  Ear Popping protects the membrane of your ear.  By chewing gum or opening your mouth, it allows air to flow from your mouth up into your ears.  Dr Oz demonstrated a way to pop your ears most effectively, which is to close your mouth, hold your nose and blow (like you are trying to blow your nose).  This will help to “open” your ears and release the pressure.  Dr Oz said it is almost impossible to hurt your eardrum doing this.


  1. julie matwiiw says

    my mother asked me to write to you. she is experiencing charlie horses that start under her ribs from the back and move around to just under her breast. she says it feels like a charlie horse you would get in your leg, except its under her ribcage and tightens under her breast. its severly painful and has been happening for about a couple years. no drs here have any info on what could be causing it.
    what is your opinion?

  2. Rebecca says

    I have the same problem!! Please let me know if you figure out what it is i am freaking out and the doctors have no idea!!

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