Dr Oz Tonsillitis: Astragalus Drops in Tea & Antiseptic Mouthwash

Dr Oz: Tonsils & Sore Throats

Dr Oz did a segment on your Tonsils, the hidden germ finders in your mouth.  Doctor Oz said that your Tonsils fight dangerous invaders and that up to 4 times as many women as men get so many Tonsil infections (Tonsillitis), that they need to have their Tonsils Removed.  He also said that the number of adults with Tonsil problems is going up because less people are having them removed as kids.

Dr Oz: What Causes Tonsillitis?

Dr Oz said that our Tonsils are Lymph Nodes, and when they get infected they can grow very large and even block your airway.  When you get an Dr Oz Astragalusinfection, it can cause pain along your neck, behind your ear or even near your chin.  So how do you get Tonsillitis?  Lets say you are walking down the street and someone who is sick coughs on you.  You breathe in the infection and it goes all over your mouth and on your Tonsils.  Your Tonsils begin to fight back against the infection by producing White Cells or Immune Cells all over your mouth.  Doctor Oz said that if you have continuous Tonsillitis, despite being on antibiotics, then you often have your Tonsils taken out.

Dr Oz: Astragalus Drops

Dr Oz said that you can help to prevent a mouth infection and Tonsillitis by adding some Astragalus Drops to a cup of tea.  Doctor Oz has mentioned the benefits of Astragalus on a few other shows as well (here are the recaps from those shows: Dr Oz & Dr Andrew Weil: Ashwagandha, Juvenon & Black Cohosh Tea and Dr Oz: Best & Worst Herbal Supplements: Astragalus & Chondroitin.  He also said that you can use an Antiseptic Mouthwash three times a week, but you do not have to use it daily.


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