Dr Oz: Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Miracle Plan: P90X Fitness Plan


Dr Oz: 10 Minute Miracle Plan to Lose Weight

Kiss your fat goodbye!  In this segment, Dr Oz introduced Tony Horton, the 53-year-old creator of the P90X Fitness Plan to help demonstrate how you can shed those pounds for good for only 10 minutes a day.  No gym, no gimmicks, only 10 minutes to a sleeker you!  Dr Oz introduced 3 women who have tried Tony’s plan.  He showed the shocking transformations of the women who had lost an incredible amount of weight.  More importantly, they felt healthier.


  1. karen altman says

    I watched the show today and Dr. Oz said there was an exercise video on his site and I have tried several places and have been unable to get the exercise video that Dr. Oz said was especially made to see by his viewers. Please send me the correct connection. Thank you. K.

  2. says

    Can’t find video at all. Little frustrated, wanted to locate before trick or treaters came. Had another piece of chocolate!!! Good Grief…..need that video.

  3. ANNA says

    OK if you are looking for the workout you have to have Google Chrome then go to Dr.Oz .com and you will have it. hope this help….I just watch it and it look like fun I have P90X going to try this
    good luck

  4. MD says

    I’m looking for the workout download as well. I see where it can be warched on the site but how long will it be there? The chrome thing doesn’t work either, you still can not download only watch. I’d like the link sent to me as well.

  5. ionie boston says

    I cannot find the 10min tony’s 10mins work out help, Can some send me the ibnstruction to video

  6. Sandy says

    I’ve searched and searched and could not find the free 10 min. workout plan. Please send.

    Thank you

  7. says

    The 10 minute workout video by Tony Horton will download. It keeps saying that the video is not available. Seems very interesting, but I really wanted to see the full 10 min. video.

  8. Elizabeth Jones says

    Where is the 10 Minuter Tony Horton video that was suppose to download? Please send me the link. Thank you.

  9. sweatin saints of msmbc says

    lost lots of hours sitting, looking for 10 minutes of exercise. where O’ where ?

  10. Gabriella says

    Where is the 10 Minuter Tony Horton video that was suppose to download? Please send me the link. Thank you.

  11. Brent says

    Where do I find the 10 minute workout./.. I seem to have the same problem as millions of other Dr. Oz watchers…

  12. colleen tillery says

    could not find 10 minute work out like others send it or tell me where to find the program

  13. Johnson says

    I bought the 10 minute workout from finding it on Bing. Just Bing it and you will find it too. Its really call Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer, but 10 minute workout is the same thing.

  14. Barbara says

    I, too, couldn’t find Tony Horton’s 10 minute video that Dr. Oz said we could download.
    Please send it.

  15. Dj strong says

    Was able to view the video but would like to download. Is it avail for a free download as promised by Dr Oz on his show?

  16. Jay Wright says

    Unable to find Tony Horton’s 10-minute video Dr. Oz promised would be available. I would like to download it. Please send.

  17. Jamie says

    Would like to download/watch Tom Horton’s 10 minute workout but can’t seem to. Please send via email. Thanks.

  18. debbie says

    It is a shame that they tell you that they made a 10 min workout for dr.oz but it seems that no one can find it. I would say that it is just another scam. I thought that dr. oz show was different but I guess it is not

  19. says

    Dr. Oz’s website is extreemly frustrating! I’m sure he could care less. Ever see him try to dance or workout on the show? Either put someone in charge of your website that knows what their doing or go back to the operating room! Another “Made By Oprah” millionaire!

    If you go to ebay and type in Tony Hortons 10 minute trainer you can buy the whole package (with either medium or high resistance bands) for $59.95 & free shipping. MAKE SURE YOU GET THE PACKAGE WITH THE RESISTANCE BANDS. Most of the people are selling just the DVD’s. You need the bands to do the workouts!

  20. jeeva chapman says

    It would be great if we get more information about the content of the show rather than the contestants who appeared on the show.

  21. Diane says

    I understood from THE Dr. Oz. Show, we could download the 10 min. miracle workout for free. Please explain or send information on how to do this.Thanks.

  22. Diane says

    Can not download free 10 minute workout . Do not understand. I have sent this request a number of times. No answer yet, that works.

  23. Amanda Boyette says

    Please email me the link to download this! I have searched everywhere and cannot find it.

  24. Michelle says

    Have still been searching for the “free” download, from Dec. 28,2011 show…
    Is there a download or am I wasting my time?? Please respond, as I believe more viewers are also checking for it! Thank you.

  25. Anita Powell says

    Today I watched your show With Tony Horton’s 10 min. excercise plan and I wanted to buy it,but I could not find it. I realize that your show today,01-04-12 wasa rerun. Please email lme how I can get the 10 min. program.

  26. Shannon says

    I too have been searching for the free download and can not find it. Can you please share the website?!

  27. says

    I am unable to find the video that was done by Tony Horton’s 10 min exercise plan. It was done I believe on October 31st. Please send me the site. Thanks

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