Dr Oz: Toxic Toss Out: Microwaving Plastic Wrap is Toxic

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Dr Oz: Toxic Toss Out: Microwaving Plastic Wrap is Toxic

By on October 26, 2010

Dr Oz did a segment called Fatal Cleaning Mistakes, which he followed up with a game called Toxic Toss Out to teach us what common household items we should remove from our homes. These are the three things that Doctor Oz wants out of your house so that you are not exposed to extra toxins. Dr Oz Cedar Chips

Toxic Item #1: Old Polyurethane Pillows

Dr Oz said that polyurethane pillows made before 2005 contain the highest levels of chemicals used in flame retardants of anything in your bedroom.  Instead, use a polyester blend pillow or a feather pillow.

Toxic Item #2: Moth Balls

Dr Oz says that moth balls being kept in your closet actually release pesticides that can cause Lung Cancer and are also linked to Cataracts and Liver Problems.  Dr Oz said you can hang herb sachets in your closet to get rid of moths, or try cedar chips.  To protect wool clothes from moths, try storing them in an airtight container.

Toxic Item #3: Plastic Wrap

Dr Oz said that many people put plastic wrap over their food before microwaving it, but if the plastic wrap touches your food while it is heating, it can be toxic for you.  The plastic wrap can literally melt into your food so that you consume chemicals.  Dr Oz said that 97% of us have chemicals in our bodies.  Instead of covering your food with plastic wrap when you are microwaving it, cover your food with parchment paper or paper towels (neither of which will burn or catch on fire in the microwave according to Dr Oz).

And the winner of Dr Oz’s Toxic Toss Out was a lovely lady named Doris!

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Comments to Dr Oz: Toxic Toss Out: Microwaving Plastic Wrap is Toxic

  1. i have been sleeping on one of those polyurethane pillows for over ten years. what can happen ? Memory loss ? please what do i do, its saved my neck but what about my brain?

  2. @Diana.. well, judging by your English vocabulary.. your thank God moment is = at least you are not brain dead, because you’re still cognitive. :)

  3. Diana, what kind of pillow is it? Is it a neck pillow? Perhaps we can find a safer alternative that would still help your neck!

  4. dear admin: yes the pillow i have been using is a neck pillow. I have memory loss cant remember sometimes one minute to the next. Is this or could it be from the polyurethane pillow? I have been blaming my memory loss on menopause.and Yes i would love a different more healthy pillow. If you can tell me where to get one that would be great. Thankyou sincerely Diana

  5. Diana, I can’t really tell you if your pillow is what is causing your memory loss or not. But if it is even a possibility, I’d replace the pillow (but that is just my personal opinion… I can’t give you a medical answer since unfortunately, I’m not a doctor).

    I did a little online shopping and found a couple of neck pillows with good reviews. I am not sure which shape you are looking for, but here are a couple to get you started:

    DogBones Neck Pillow

    Arc4life Neck Pillow

    I’d love to know what you go with in the end, and how it works out for you! Please keep us posted :)

  6. Please help!! Im greatly concerned about this polyurithane subject. My 9 year old is sleeping on a memory foam mattress. Do I replace it ? Will a cover work? I know it will be expensive to replace. His grandmother gave this to him and im pretty sure it was bought before 2005.

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