Dr Oz: Tragedy in Tucson: Congresswoman Giffords & Dr LeMole


Dr Oz did a segment called “Tragedy in Tucson: A Dr Oz Special Report.”  I am surprised at the topic because Doctor Oz’s shows are usually taped well in advance – clearly, this show was taped in the last 2-3 days since Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ tragic shooting last Saturday.  Her situation is still fragile and 6 other people are dead following this horrific shooting.

Dr Oz: Gabrielle Giffords Shooting in Tucson Arizona

Dr Oz said that Gabrielle Gifford was shot at the Safeway in her town, and that the first call to 911 was placed at 10:11 am.  20 people were shot, 6 died, and 14 were wounded, including Congresswoman Giffords.  Hernandez, Dr Oz & Giffordsan intern on Giffords’ staff for only 5 days, called for help and held her up to keep the Congresswoman from choking on her own blood.  10 minutes later, an ambulance came and at 10:41 am Giffords was on her way to Tucson’s University Medical Center.  Giffords had a CT Scan and, 28 minutes after arriving at the hospital, she was rushed into surgery to control the bleeding and remove pressure from her brain.  2 hours later, and just 4 hours after she was shot in the head, she was out of surgery and in a medical coma.  Swelling is one of the greatest risks given her situation, but the doctors are cautiously optimistic and the swelling risk declines 3 days after this type of injury.

Dr Oz & Dr Michael LeMole – Dr Oz’s Brother-In-Law

Dr Oz has a personal family connection to the incident because Dr Michael LeMole, one of Congresswoman Giffords’ neurosurgeons, is the brother of Dr Oz’s wife Lisa.  Dr LeMole said that Giffords is holding her own and following simple commands, which is the best that we could hope for and expect at this point.  Of course, her family wants to see greater progress, but just the fact that she is holding her own is very positive news at this point.  Dr Oz asked Dr LeMole what he did during the surgery and they discussed some of these details.  Dr LeMole said that they were particularly worried about bleeding, because the bullet could have severed major arteries or a major vein, but thank goodness that was not the case.  The secondary concern was over swelling, which is hard to control and that is why they removed the top portion of Giffords’ skull.

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