Dr Oz: TRAINERbrands Foam Roller, NAP Massager Wrap & Wrinkle MD Kit Review


Dr Oz: Gadgets To Help You Look 10 Years Younger

In this segment, Dr Oz introduced Jennifer, a Gadget Expert, to help play Dr Oz’s Spin It To Win It!  Doctor Oz called up audience members, Deb and Sherena to also help play.  Buzz in first with the correct answer and they would win a prize, such as a TRAINERbrands Foam Roller, a N.A.P. Massager Wrap, or a Wrinkle MD Kit.  Then, spin the wheel to decide whether or not the entire audience got the prize too.  (No pressure there!)  Take the Dr Oz Spin It To Win It quiz to see if you know the answers.

Dr Oz: Wrinkle MD Kit

The Prize Gadget: Wrinkle MD kit (worth $129.00) Dr Oz Foam Roller
Question 1: What is the cause of crow’s feet?
a. UV damage
b. Squinting
c. Smoking
Deb buzzed in first and chose a. UV damage.  She’s right!  Deb spun the wheel and it landed on “yes.”  The audience members received the prize also.

Dr Oz: TRAINERroller Foam Roller

The Prize Gadget: Trainer Brands Foam Roll (worth $34.99)
Question 2: Strengthening your core is a great way to improve your…
a. Digestion
b. Posture
c. Skin
Sharena buzzed in and guessed b. Posture.  She’s right!  Sharena spun the wheel and it landed on “no.”  The audience did not get the prize.  (Sherena was not a fan favorite at that point!)

Dr Oz: NAP Massager Wrap

The Prize Gadget: N.A.P. Massager Wrap (worth $35.00)
Question 3: What is the time of day you are most susceptible to stress?
a. 30 minutes after waking up
b. 30 minutes before sleeping
c. 30 minutes after a meal


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