Dr Oz Transformation Nation Million Dollar Giveaway


Dr Oz: Million Dollar Giveaway

Dr Oz’s Transformation Nation One Million Dollar Giveaway was launched on today’s Doctor Oz Show!  Dr Oz said that he is asking all of us to put ourselves as the number one priority, because we are worth it!  He put together a 7 Step Plan that might just change your life forever.  2 out of every 3 Americans are obese which can cause Cancer, Heart Disease and many other health issues.  Dr Oz said that his 7 Step Plan that is his Transformation Nation program is not a diet, but rather a healthy way of living your life.

Dr Oz’s Transformation Nation

Last year, Dr Oz did a weight loss plan and over one million people signed up to be on it.  But this Transformation Nation program is so big that he partnered with Sharecare and Weight Watchers.  This is not the first time that Doctor Oz has partnered with Weight Watchers either.  I wonder why he always picks them over other diet plans (like Jenny Craig for example).

Dr Oz: Weight Watchers

Doctor Oz did a quick overview of how Weight Watchers came to be.  The Dr Oz Million Dollar Giveawayprogram has helped millions of Americans to lose weight and started a weight loss revolution like none other.  It all started though with an overweight New York housewife who knew she could not stop yo-yo dieting on her own.  So she started to invite other overweight people to meetings and it soon turned into a massive support system.  Just 50 years later, there are now 45,000 weekly meetings around the world.  Weight Watchers even publishes magazines, cookbooks and sells a whole array of products.  Part of the Weight Watchers mantra is to Eat Smarter, Get Active and Find Support.



  1. susanneroberts says

    Thank you for todays show. I’am having difficulties with my weight and appetite. I am in the process of obtaining a Dr’s appointment to check my thyroid as well as other yearly checks. This year has been the worst with weight gain. So please help. Thank you Susanne Roberts

  2. Daniela Maceroni says

    Hello Dr. Oz I read your website and I am very interested in joining this contest. I need to lose about 70 pounds to reach my goal weight. I quit smoking about 4 years ago and I gained 30pds. it has been a struggle know for 3 years to lose weight. I am ready to look good and feel good. I have tried everything and nothing seems to work..I have never in my life have been thin and i would like to start know.. I would like your help…Dr oz. please and thank-you.

  3. says

    Hi my name is Kathy, I have been trying to shed pounds for the past seven years. I have been unsuccessful in my weight loss. I have tried numerous of diets in the passed years,but nothing seen to work,so I decided to try weight watchers with my sister and join Dr.Oz million dollar contest. Please help us.

    on Dr. Oz Show. Please help us Dr.Oz.

  4. cherylwaters says

    this contest has ieinspired me i am 72 and feeling even older i need to feel better about myself and if i look better iwll feel better thank you

  5. Linda Kolbek says

    no matter how much I exercise, the fat is not affected. I would like to join Dr.Oz’s Million Dollar Giveaway. I’d like to look and feel the best that I can.

  6. Felicia Johns says

    I was diagnosis MS in 2000. As time went along was depressed about illness and my looks. Was about 290 lbs in 2000 and since Dr. Oz show came on currently 155 lbs. I feel good about myself.

  7. says

    I am 64 year old about 30lbs. O.W. .I have , HBP, HChol.., Caner survier, Hip replacement, KNEE replacement.My wife is 49, with 2 hipe replacements,about 30lbs. O.W.we both need to loose. what’s the best and fastest way?

  8. Mitch says

    I am a 54 year old male who would like to loose weight for my son’s upcoming wedding. I have tried to but unable to get the weight off. Please help!..How can I loose the wight!

  9. says

    My family could yous the help I lose my job and my family is not even going to have a christmas this year.I hate too even say anything because this is not me i all ways take care off everybody.

  10. says

    im 56 yrs old ..the last 15 years been my weight has been up and down.mostly up..weigh 220 pounds..i was 283 pounds..im really trying but its been really tough /cant seem to go any far their.can please help.i watch u everyday…thank u fran spears

  11. Gina says

    I am interested in joining the Dr. Oz million dollar challenge. Sign me up, I’m ready to commit!

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