Dr Oz: Tupperware Steamer, SodaStream, StreetStrider & Air-O-Swiss

Dr Oz gave a Healthy Gadget Guide so that we can think of some great gifts for people this holiday season.  Steve Greenberg, author of Gadget Nation, joined Doctor Oz to give 5 great healthy gadgets including the Tupperware Smart Steamer, the Lightspecs by Foster Grant, the SodaStream Home Soda Maker, the Air-O-Swiss Portable Travel Humidifier and the biggest gift of all – the StreetStrider Eclipse and the StreetStrider Jet.

Dr Oz’s Healthy Gadget Guide:

1. Dr Oz: Tupperware Smart Steamer – Food Steamer

Dr Oz said that food steamers are the healthiest possible way to cook Dr Oz Healthy Gadget Guideyour food because it preserves color, texture, flavor and locks in all of the nutrients.  Dr Oz recommended a product called the Tupperware Smart Steamer, which costs $139 and can be used in the microwave to cook both your side dish and main dish at the same time.  It directs the microwave waves to the water so that your food gets steamed instead of cooked normally.

2. Dr Oz: Lightspecs by Foster Grant – Glasses with Lights

Dr Oz said that reading in the dark can strain your eyes and can cause severe headaches.  The Lightspecs by Foster Grant are glasses with built-in LED lights and are great for reading the menu in dimly lit restaurants or in other places with low light.

3. Dr Oz: SodaStream Home Soda Maker

Dr Oz said during his segment on the National Soda Challenge that we should find another fizz other than soda.  The SodaStream Home Soda Maker lets you make fizzy drinks out of regular water and compressed air – you do not even need electricity!  You can buy the Sodastream for $99 and there are also 40 flavors that you can purchase to add to your drinks so that you can have soda with less calories, sugar and carbs.  Dr Oz said that his son likes to make a drink with the SodaStream where he adds some orange juice and cranberry juice for flavoring.

4. Dr Oz: Air-O-Swiss Portable Travel Humidifier

Dr Oz is forever stressing the importance of using a humidifier, especially during the winter months.  So of course his list would not be complete without a product like the Air-O-Swiss Portable Travel Humidifier for $49.  Dr Oz said that you can take this humidifier anywhere and just plug into it a container of bottle water – and you have an instant humidifier!

5. Dr Oz: StreetStrider Eclipse & StreetStrider Jet

Dr Oz’s biggest gift on his Healthy Gadget Guide is something so big that he rode it to work in the morning – the StreetStrider Eclipse and the StreetStrider Jet.  It is like an elliptical cross trainer that combines the benefits of jogging, skiing and fun exercise with a low impact on your back.  For people who do not love the idea of riding a bike, this would be perfect for you!  I love the elliptical at the gym, and the idea that you can use an elliptical-type machine as a mode of transportation sounds very awesome!  The adult’s StreetStrider Eclipse is under $800 and the child’s StreetStrider Jet is under $500.


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    For those of you looking to buy a Smart Steamer, they are currently (March 2012) on sale at 50% off. … a great time to buy one for yourself or for a gift …. think Mother’s Day, wedding, birthday or bridal shower!

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