Dr Oz: Turn Back Time on Obesity: 3 Step Plan to Cleanse a Liver


Dr Oz did a segment called “Turn Back Time” to teach us how to turn back the time on our bad habits.  Dr Oz said that he turned 50 this year and realized just how quickly time was flying by.  But do not worry, because it is never too late to turn back the time for your health.  At the age of 30, Doctor Oz was a husband, father, new doctor and had tons of bad habits apparently (I guess he is human after all!).   Dr Oz worked 18 hour shifts, did not eat right, and did not get enough sleep or have enough time to spend with family and friends.  Plus, whenever he was outside, he did not use sunblock to protect his skin. Dr Oz 3 Step Plan to Cleanse The Liver

Turn Back Time on Obesity

The third bad habit that Dr Oz mentioned was eating and drinking too much.  The 1980’s marked the beginning of excess.  People had the freedom and income to eat and drink whatever they wanted, and on came the obesity epidemic.  Dr Oz said that 300,000 people die each year from obesity related complications.  Your liver pays the penalty for being obese.  If you drink too much or eat the wrong foods, you can get a cirrhotic liver, which looks scarred and becomes hard.  Dr Oz said that the great thing about the liver though is that the liver repairs itself the best and is most able to return to its old healthy form (compared to our other internal organs).

Dr Oz’s 3 Step Plan to Cleanse Your Liver

1.  Limit your alcohol intake to one drink a day for women.  Dr Oz did not mention the limit for men, though I’d have to think it would only be slightly higher.  What are your thoughts?


  1. George says

    Great web site and quality accurate information for our health maintenance, and restoration! Thank you for your efforts and outreach to us with desire to make positive changes in our lives for the betterment of our health! God bless you all for your work!

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