Dr Oz: Turn Back Time on Smoking: 3 Step Plan to Quit Smoking


Dr Oz did a segment called “Turn Back Time” to teach us how to turn back the time on our bad habits.  Dr Oz said that he turned 50 this year and realized just how quickly time was flying by.  But do not worry, because it is never too late to turn back the time for your health.  At the age of 30, Doctor Oz was a husband, father, new doctor and had tons of bad habits apparently (I guess he is human after all!).   Dr Oz worked 18 hour shifts, did not eat right, and did not get enough sleep or have enough time to spend with family and friends.  Plus, whenever he was outside, he did not use sunblock to protect his skin. Dr Oz 3 Step Plan to Quit Smoking

Turn Back Time on Smoking

The first bad habit that Dr Oz mentioned is smoking.  In the 1960’s anyone who was “cool” was smoking a cigarette in the ladies room.  By 1966, the surgeon general started posting messages on cigarette cartons to warn people of the dangers of smoking, but people seemed to ignore the warnings and thought it did not apply to them.  Dr Oz said that smoking can shave 10 years off of your life, if you smoke for 40 years or more.  Plus, you are 20 times more likely to get lung cancer if you smoke.  But do not worry, you can turn back time on this bad habit… it is never too late to change!


  1. cortell stuart jr says

    my woman has been smoking since she was 12, she almost 22 now. And she tried everything, gum, patch, limited cigarettes per day. She needs help bad, she has trouble breathing, short breaths, weazing, pain in chest. She tried but she’ll last bout a day. HELP HELP!!! I quit smoking couple years ago, started at 15 quit at 20, smoke free for 3 years lucky me!!!

  2. June Harper says

    Cortell: Congratulations on quitting smoking at an early age. I just quit smoking a few months ago after 40 years …… I most recently used Laser Ease …..

    All the best to your partner ……

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