Dr Oz: TV Flame Retardants, VOC Paints & Toxic Mold Remover

Dr Oz did a segment on three hidden spots in your house that are aging you too fast.  Daniel Sieberg joined Doctor Oz because he has dedicated his life to looking for greener and safer options for living a healthy life.  Everyday things in our house can cause respiratory issues, cancer and be hazards to children. Dr Oz's Toxic Mold Remover Solution

TV Flame Retardants Danger

Dr Oz said that your TV is the first danger in your home, because it is coated in flame retardants.  Apparently computers also have this same chemical and the EPA has deemed these plastic coverings to be carcinogens.  By 2013, companies are going to stop using these flame retardants, but what can we do now?  Ventilation at the back of the television is very important.  Also, get a vacuum with a hepa filter and vacuum the grates on the back of the TV to minimize exposure to DECA BDE’s.  Another idea is to keep your TV in a cabinet, but this does not make sense to me since it contradicts the first piece of advice (to make sure the back of the TV is well ventilated).

No VOC Paints: Greenguard & Green Seal Label

Dr Oz said that the second danger in your home can be the paint on your wall.  Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) are found in paint, primers and paint thinners.  When you apply the paint and inhale the fumes, if the paint has a high VOC content level, it can hurt your liver, kidneys, trigger asthma or even cause cancer.  So look for low or no VOC paints.  Dr Oz also said that there are two logos to look for on paint cans that are more “green” and these are Greenguard labels and Green Seal labels.

Toxic Mold Remover

Dr Oz’s last danger in your house is in your bathtub.  Mold or mildew can grow in your bathtub, and if left alone, over time, the fungus can cause serious lung and breathing problems.  Dr Oz also showed a very toxic mold that usually is found outdoors, but it can come indoors after a flood or serious water damage and may cause you to suffer from coughing, sinus problems, respiratory problems, skin irritations, or headaches.  When cleaning mold, make sure to wear a good mask.  Also, Dr Oz put up on his screen that you can make a Toxic Mold Remover by mixing together 1 cup of bleach with 1 gallon of water.

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