Dr Oz: Tyra Banks Body Image & Bullying


Dr Oz: Body Image & Tyra Banks

You may know Tyra Banks as a supermodel, Emmy winner, and television star, but what you may not know is that she was also the victim of bullying.  Tyra Banks has had a lifelong struggle with her weight and was even bullied because of it.  You may remember the famous “Kiss my fat ass!” speech she gave on her talk show when the paparazzi photographed an unflattering picture of her in a bathing suit.

Dr Oz Bullies

Tyra Banks, an author and the first African American model on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, was a gangly child and teased because of it.  She was labeled too skinny and then too heavy during her younger years.  Tyra admitted to being a bully and then when she was a pre-teen and grew three inches and lost 30 lbs, she became the victim of bullying.  She went into a mild depression because of the other kids, as well as, adults who bullied her.  Years into her modeling career, Tyra’s mom received a phone call and was given a list of designers that did not want to work with her anymore because of her fuller hips, larger butt, and bigger bust line. Her mother’s reaction: she took her daughter out for pizza to celebrate her curves instead of being ashamed of them.  Tyra felt this was an indirect way of her mother saying that having womanly curves was okay.

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