Dr Oz: Ulcer Remedies & Peptic Ulcer Causes


Dr Oz: Peptic Ulcers

Dr Oz did a segment on Peptic Ulcers to teach us about the surprising causes of ulcers, which 4 million people suffer from.  90% of people with ulcers blame stress or worries, but are these really causes of ulcers?  Doctor Oz also gave several Ulcer Remedies to help everyone feel better.

Dr Oz: H. Pylori Causes Ulcers

What organ is most affected by Peptic Ulcers?  You might think it is your stomach, but that is just where the acid comes from.  The small Dr Oz Peptic Ulcersintestines are the main organ of concern because ulcers are very often caused by H. Pylori.  As H. Pylori travels through your intestinal system, they scrape off the surface of your Mucosal Barrier, and when they break through this outer layer of your stomach, the acid in your stomach oozes out and causes ulcers which can scar your inside.  An even bigger problem is when you get a Bleeding Ulcer, but the worst form of ulcers is the Penetrating Ulcer which happens when it goes all the way through your intestinal wall.  Penetrating Ulcers can actually kill you.

Dr Oz: Ulcer Causes

Dr Oz said that people often think that soda, smoking, worrying, pain relievers, alcohol and spicy foods cause ulcers, but do you know which of these really cause ulcers?  Soda has never been proven to cause Ulcers, and nor has stress or worrying.  Smoking on the other hand increases H. Pylori, which of course increases your risk of getting an Ulcer.  Pain relievers are another cause of Ulcers.  If you take pain relievers regularly, they can make it easier for H. Pylori to destroy your Mucosal Barrier.

Dr Oz: Ulcer Remedies

Doctor Oz said that the following are some of his favorite Ulcer Remedies:



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