Dr Oz: Ulcer Symptoms, Ulcer Cures & Ulcer Home Remedies


Doctor Oz said that 30 million people suffer from ulcers. If you feel stressed out and your stomach feels like it is on fire, you could have ulcers. Dr Oz, along with his assistant of the day, looked at a stomach to show what a stomach looks like. If you have ulcers, you can get a big hole in your stomach from where the acid bores through the first layer of your stomach. Dr Oz said it may not be that stress causes ulcers, but rather, the pain from the ulcers also makes you stressed out… meaning that the stress is actually a symptom. Ulcer Symptoms

Causes of Ulcers:

1. Bacteria Called H. Pylori.  Dr Oz said you can get H Pylori from kissing people or from eating contaminated foods.



  1. chipmunk says

    I have H-pylori. I seldom have stomach symptoms, and was only tested because years ago I developed an ulcer while on a high-sugar (Enfood) food-allergy ‘clearing diet’. Not exactly stomach pain, but FUMES that medication only reduced. Since then I have to be very careful with what I eat to avoid problems.

    I’ve had poor luck with anti-biotics in last 5 years, (so wish to avoid them).

    Good to hear about Pepto Bismol, but I can’t find information on what DOSAGES to take. I have been taking Mastic Gum to rebuild eroded stomach mucosa, but it’s expensive. Perhaps Pepto Bismol is cheaper…if only I knew what the treatment regimen is.

    Does anyone know where to find this out? My family doctor doesn’t know. Thanks

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