Dr Oz: Ulcers: How to Cure Ulcer Pain


Dr Oz: Ulcer Pain

In this segment, Dr Oz told his viewers that over 5 million people have ulcers right now.  Ulcers are craters that form inside the intestinal systems.  Dr Oz brought up Erin from the audience, who stated that she has had ulcers before.  For her, certain foods and anti-inflammatories made her ulcer worse.

Doctor Oz gave Erin a pair of gloves. (Dr Oz Fans know exactly what this means.)  Dr Oz used a sculpture shaped much like a pot for plants.  On the inside of the “pot” was a red lining (mucus).  Erin took a beaker and scraped out some of the red lining, exposing a delicate, white area.  Dr Oz then had Erin pour in 2 liquids, labeled as coffee and alcohol.  Dr Oz then poured in a 3rd liquid labeled as gastric juice, which is what is used to digest your food.  When he poured in the gastric juice, the lining began eroding and created a big burrowing hole in the stomach.  This was what an ulcer looks like.



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