Dr. Oz: Ultimate Ambush with Mark Sokolich-Mayor of Fort Lee, NJ


Since Dr. Oz started his show, he has heard many excuses for why people don’t eat well, like blaming friends and family. But today the excuses stop with Dr. Oz’s Ultimate Ambush! You have enough information to choose what are the right things to eat, so if you are given the options, do you pick the right things to eat?

Dr. Oz went to Fort Lee, NJ and together with their mayor, Mark Sokolich, they gave a group of 75 people a free lunch and tested to see what people would choose.  They were given the option to eat hamburgers, french fries, macaroni and cheese, salmon, steamed vegetables, soda, diet soda and water.  Dr. Oz found that most people were still choosing the unhealthy options rather than the salmon, veggies and water.


  1. Jeana Malachowski says

    I couldn’t find it either. The recipes are given names like “Healthy Cream of Carrot Soup” so it is hard to find them alphabetically. Although I enjoyed browsing through them all, I was disappointed that I couldn’t find the recipe I wanted!

  2. says

    Did anyone find the nutritious peanut butter cookie recipe that Dr. Oz said was on his site.
    Please share if you have it. Thanks

  3. says

    Since we were all on the search for a healthy peanut butter cookie recipe, I took up the challenge and made a few batches of different recipes I came across. Luckily, I found an absolutely amazing recipe for healthy peanut butter cookies with oats and whole wheat, just like Dr. Oz recommended… here it is: Healthy Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe

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