Dr Oz Ultimate Breast Cancer Prevention Guide – 3 Cancer Preventing Tips

Doctor Oz’s Ultimate Breast Cancer Prevention Guide gives 3 cancer fighting tips that every woman needs to know to save her life… so send this article to all of the women you know, it could save her life!  Dr Oz’s Ultimate Breast Cancer Prevention Guide can be broken up into two categories: estrogen regulation and immunity boosting.  You want anti-estrogen fighters, because even though the root of breast cancer is genetics, you fuel breast cancer with estrogen.  Therefore, if you can minimize the estrogen, you can take away the fuel for the breast cancer.  Immunity boosting is clearly important as well, because it can help boost your immune system which will help your body to fight the cancer.  All of these great tips were part of Doctor Oz’s episode on Sheryl Crow Surviving Cancer.   Dr Oz Ultimate Breast Cancer Prevention Guide

Dr. Oz’s Breast Cancer Prevention Guide:

Breast Cancer Prevention Tip #1: Breast Cancer Fighting Foods

Certain foods can fight off breast cancer, such as Green Tea, which is high in antioxidants.  Green Tea is immune boosting and fortifies your body to kill cancer cells.  Doctor Oz recommends drinking 3 cups of Green Tea a day, because this will reduce your chance of getting breast cancer by 50%!  Garlic is an anti-inflammatory so great for fighting cancer.  Turmeric helps to decrease the estrogen in your body – one of the estrogen regulation foods.  Green leafy vegetables like seaweed, kelp, kale and cruciferous vegetables are estrogen binders, so reduce the stimulation of cancer and helps to flush the cancer out of your liver so that you do not get cancer.  The last cancer fighting food is olive oil, which is a mono-unsaturated fat like walnut oil and flax oil.

Breast Cancer Prevention Tip #2: Daily Vitamin D

To prevent breast cancer, take 2000 iU of Vitamin D every day.  A great way to get vitamin D is by spending a few minutes in the sunshine every day or by eating foods like salmon, sardines, milk and cheese.

Breast Cancer Prevention Tip #3: Aspirin or Ibuprofen Twice a Week

Dr. Dennis Slamon said that you can reduce your chance of getting colorectal cancer, lung cancer, and breast cancer by taking anti-inflammatories in moderation.  Dr. Oz said that by taking Aspirin or Ibuprofen twice a week, you can reduce your chances of getting breast cancer by 21-28%.

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