Dr Oz: Ultimate Diet 2 Week Plan to Reboot Your Body

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Dr Oz: Ultimate Diet 2 Week Plan to Reboot Your Body

By on July 14, 2010

Doctor Oz gave his Ultimate Diet and the following is a summary of the complete 2 week plan that Dr Oz spoke about to reboot your body.  Like Dr Oz said, don’t diet hard, diet smart!  It takes your brain about 2 weeks to form a new habit, so by the end of this two week diet, your brain and body should be reset and onboard with this new healthy diet!  2 Week Diet Plan to Reboot Your Body

Ultimate Diet 2: Week Plan to Reboot Your Body

Day 1 – Dump the Fridge and Go Shopping.  Get rid of the 5 unhealthy foods (simple sugars, syrup, white flour, saturated fats and trans fats) and replace them with healthy foods.  You should begin walking 10,000 steps a day so get some comfortable shoes and a pedometer to count your steps.

Day 2 – Cut out 100 calories from the food you eat each day.  If you do just this, you will lose 12 pounds in a year.

Day 3 – Automate Your Meals.  You don’t want to reinvent the wheel every day.  Dr Oz loves to feed his family this Magic Breakfast Blaster Smoothie Recipe, which is made of soy protein, blueberries and flax seed oil.  For lunch and dinner you should make sure to have a protein, a whole grain and greens.  Another great tip from Dr Oz is to eat off of a small 9″ plate so that you won’t overeat.

Day 4 – Role of Soul.  Work on your environment and controlling emotions.  Find a partner to help you with this weight loss process.  You have to change your environment which includes getting a friend on board with helping you lose weight, and also changing what is in your environment because things like saturated fats, salt and sugar are addictive to your body.

Day 5 – Learn How to Cheat… to cheat on your taste buds that is!  If you have a spicy breakfast, you will eat less at lunch.  Also, Dr Oz said that if you lick your lips and breath in deeply and out deeply, then you will eat less and feel better.

Day 6 – Call Your Doctor.  You should keep an eye on things like your blood pressure, your LDL cholesterol and your hormone levels (in case you have a thyroid problem that is making you overweight).

Day 7 – Go Public.  Tell all of your friends and family that you are on a diet.  You are going to get healthy for life and ask them to help you be accountable.

Day 8 – Measure your waist again.  And repeat Steps 1 – 7!

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Comments to Dr Oz: Ultimate Diet 2 Week Plan to Reboot Your Body

  1. Ernestine d. rampersad says:

    I would like to know how can i get in contact with Dr Jeannie Downie, she was on Dr 0z show,
    I would like to arrange an appointment for my self for spider vines and an hand job

  2. Mary Lee Heise says:

    I have continued the 2 week diet and am on week 7. I am finally in control. I feel I am eating healthier than I have for 30 years. I make a vegetable soup with good beans that sustains me during the day. I love the smoothie in the mornings and at night I eat my protein and vegetables and rice. I wish you could give menu ideas to change things up a bit for 2 weeks and beyond.

    Thank You.

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