Dr Oz: Ultimate Diet 2 Week Plan to Reboot Your Body


Doctor Oz gave his Ultimate Diet and the following is a summary of the complete 2 week plan that Dr Oz spoke about to reboot your body.  Like Dr Oz said, don’t diet hard, diet smart!  It takes your brain about 2 weeks to form a new habit, so by the end of this two week diet, your brain and body should be reset and onboard with this new healthy diet!  2 Week Diet Plan to Reboot Your Body

Ultimate Diet 2: Week Plan to Reboot Your Body

Day 1 – Dump the Fridge and Go Shopping.  Get rid of the 5 unhealthy foods (simple sugars, syrup, white flour, saturated fats and trans fats) and replace them with healthy foods.  You should begin walking 10,000 steps a day so get some comfortable shoes and a pedometer to count your steps.


  1. Ernestine d. rampersad says

    I would like to know how can i get in contact with Dr Jeannie Downie, she was on Dr 0z show,
    I would like to arrange an appointment for my self for spider vines and an hand job

  2. Mary Lee Heise says

    I have continued the 2 week diet and am on week 7. I am finally in control. I feel I am eating healthier than I have for 30 years. I make a vegetable soup with good beans that sustains me during the day. I love the smoothie in the mornings and at night I eat my protein and vegetables and rice. I wish you could give menu ideas to change things up a bit for 2 weeks and beyond.

    Thank You.

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