Dr Oz: Underactive Thyroid & Yellow Eyes Liver Warning Sign


Dr Oz: What Your Face Says About Your Health

The biggest clues to your health problems may be as plain as the nose on your face.  For this segment, Dr Oz put up a screen with several unsuspecting audience members’ faces.  The face he closed in on would be his guest helper for the day.  He closed in on audience member, Dawn.  Come on down, Dawn!

Dr Oz: Yellow Eyes Warning Sign

Doctor Oz showed an image of a face.  He focused on the first part of the face that may give a warning sign: The Eyes.  The eyes in the image are yellow. Dr Oz Underactive Thyroid Dawn, who just happened to be in the healthcare field, guessed that yellow eyes indicated a liver problem such as jaundice.  (I actually guessed that correctly too.)  Dr Oz gave Dawn a pair of purple gloves and Dr Oz uncovered a healthy liver, the largest organ in our body.  Dr Oz showed a second liver with horizontal cuts.  The Jaundice of the liver is often from cirrhosis.  The diseased liver showed white areas (scars) possibly caused by meds, drinking, or even simple carbohydrates.

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