Dr Oz Undercover: Hidden Lunch Mistakes Making You Fat


Dr Oz did a segment on his Dr Oz Undercover show to discuss Fattening Lunch Choices. Doctor Oz went undercover as a food cart vendor in New York City.  He tried to convince people to trade in a burger for fruit or to swap fries (300 calories!) for a healthier option.  Only a few guys were able to be persuaded to go with healthier options.  Do you know what in your lunch could be making you fat? Dr Oz Lunch Mistakes

Dr Oz: Fattening Lunch Mistakes

1.  What element is a big diet destroyer: snack size bags of whole grain chips, a chicken sandwich or dark chocolate.  Believe it or not, the whole grain chips are the problem because the portion size for that one bag is actually 2 servings.  So if you eat the whole bag of chips (and who can stop at only half a bag!) you get 14 grams of fat which is even more than in french fries.  Instead, pack your own chips in a little ziploc bag so that you can do your own portion control.

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