Dr Oz: Upset Stomach Remedy with Curry Rice Drink Recipe

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Dr Oz: Upset Stomach Remedy with Curry Rice Drink Recipe

By on May 5, 2010

Doctor Oz did an episode on Home Remedies for Back Pain, Upset Stomachs, Fever and Earaches.  So what works and what does not?  Upset Stomach Remedy

Dr. Oz: Upset Stomach Home Remedy

Doctor Oz said that this Upset Stomach Home Remedy does in fact work wonders!  All you need are cumin seeds, crushed curry leaves and rice to make the Curry Rice Drink Recipe that will stop diarrhea and make your tummy-ache go away.  Dr Oz said the Curry Rice Drink is a bit bitter, so you might want to add a bit of sugar.  Alternatively, you can eat some boiled rice to help soothe an Upset Stomach.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Upset Stomach Remedy with Curry Rice Drink Recipe

  1. Oh my family just loves Dr Oz! He is so great – I have not ever considered a curry rice drink for upset stomach but I love natural remedies! I take my Vidazorb chewable probiotic and that usually helps a lot!

  2. If you have sudden, agonising discomfort inside a distinct subject of ones stomach, call the GENERAL PRACTITIONER right away as well as head over to your nearest A&E section. It can be a symptom of your considerable sickness that may easily get worse with no treatment.

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