Dr Oz: Uterine Cancer & Irregular Bleeding: Symptoms & Prevention

By on October 28, 2011

Dr Oz: Uterine Cancer Symptoms

In this segment, Dr Oz brought up Millie, an audience member, who stated that she had irregular bleeding in the past.  When she was younger, she talked to her mom about it.  As she got older, she visited the doctor.

How the Natural Process Is Supposed To Work:

Dr Oz showed an image if the uterus and the thick lining.  Every month, the uterus swells and the egg comes down (menstruation).  The lining of the uterus sloughs right off during this time of the month.

Dr Oz then showed a cancer of the uterus image. Dr Oz Uterine Cancer The endometrium is where cancer starts.  A telltale sign of cancer is lumps and bumps in the endometrium.

In another demonstration, Dr Oz used a balloon that is supposed to be the uterus.  Dr Oz blew up the balloon, demonstrating the increase in estrogen.  He shrank the balloon and blew it back up again, showing what happens to a woman repeatedly over time.  However, it you don’t have progesterone, it keeps growing and gets larger.  This can lead to spotting.

Some causes of estrogen to increase:

– early age menstruation
– late menopause
– body fat

Dr Oz: Uterine Cancer Prevention

What can help:

– physical activity
– eating right stuff
– birth control pills

If you have irregular bleeding, see your doctor.

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