Dr Oz: UTI Miracle Cure & UTI At Home Test

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Dr Oz: UTI Miracle Cure & UTI At Home Test

By on October 8, 2010

Doctor Oz did a segment on UTI’s, Urinary Tract Infections, which can be very painful and can keep coming back over and over again.  Could it be that there is a miracle cure for UTI’s, like a vaccine?  That would be amazing! Dr Oz UTI At Home Test

Dr Oz said that 50-60% of women get UTI’s and they effect many structures in our urinary tracts.  The following are a list UTI symptoms… but if you have ever had one, you will definitely know when you get it again!

UTI Symptoms

– Pain during urination

– Frequent urination

– Burning

– Milky or Cloudy Urine

– Bloody Urine (from bacteria growing on the sides of your bladder).

At Home Test for UTI’s

Dr Oz showed a really neat At Home Test for UTI’s.  You can buy the UTI At Home Test for $10 at the drugstore and it will detect nitrites in your urine.  Basically, you pee in a cup and put a strip of paper into the cup.  If the tip stays a pale color, then you are fine.  However, if the strip turns a darker color (like a magenta color) then you have a UTI.

UTI Solutions

My mother used to always tell me to drink cranberry juice to prevent UTI’s, and Dr Oz agrees with this advice!  Cranberry juice coats the lining of your bladder wall so that bacteria cannot stick against the wall and cause any damage.  Other tips from Dr Oz are to wipe from the front to the back after going to the bathroom.  Something I had not heard of that Dr Oz suggested is to try taking 1000 mg of Vitamin C daily because it can make your urine a bit more acidic, which makes it less appealing to bacteria.  And of course, the last option to turn to if all else fails, antibiotics from your doctor can treat UTI’s.

UTI Miracle Cure

Dr Oz did say that there is a nasal spray that has been found to make women less likely to get UTI’s, and so research is underway right now to turn the nasal spray into a vaccine to prevent UTI’s in women who suffer from frequent UTI’s.  If such a vaccine existed, would you get it?  I am on the fence about vaccines personally, but I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts!

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Comments to Dr Oz: UTI Miracle Cure & UTI At Home Test

  1. I’m scared of needles, but I’d definitely use the nasal spray! What is it called??

  2. Ellie, I was wondering the same thing! Dr Oz did not mention the name, I suppose because it is still being researched? I did a bit of searching and this is all I could find “Scientists at the University of Michigan are working on a new vaccine that may effectively prevent urinary tract infections. The vaccine prevented infection and produced key types of immunity when tested in mice. It works by alerting the immune system to iron receptors on the surface of bacteria that perform a critical function in allowing the infection to spread. It prepares the body to fight Escherichia coli, which is the cause of most uncomplicated urinary tract infections.” There is also contact info: Shantell Kirkendoll at University of Michigan, skirk@umich.edu, (734) 764-2220 … I will do my best to contact Shantell and see what I can find out for us. I’ll keep you posted!

  3. I suffer from UTI’s all the time and would also love to know what the nasal spray is called. I would get a vaccine in a heartbeat if it would help prevent them!!!

  4. I would also get a vaccine in a heartbeat. I do take cranberry tablets mainly because I often wonder about how good all the sugar is in the juice?

  5. have they found anything out about vaccines or the nassal spray? i have uti’s all the time and the latest one ive had is NOT going away with any meds or cranberry products, i seen that drinking water with baking soda, bathing in baking soda, eating toast with cinnamon,drinking apple cider vinegar,drinking coconut milk, and other things …… but the lady i live with will not try them she says they wont work… which means i got to take lame meds that are doing nothing either … and prolly get kidney problems? …………..hopefully they will find something out about some sort of sprays that will help soon 5 to 6 months of this straight now!! let alone off and on infections my entire life im tired of it!!

  6. Tired of UTI’s – exhausting, irritating, frustrating, painful. I’m tired of taking antibiotics and would gladly take a safe vaccine. Have already had surgery that was supposed to correct this problem. Been suffering for past 5 months – daily.

  7. I’m just fed up with this as well! I don’t know when last I actually felt normal. I’ve suffered with UTI’s for over a year constantly, before only now and again. I’ve been on antibiotics 5 times now in the last 3 months, and I still have it. My body has gone so weak that it can’t fight it on its own anymore. I would definitely take the vaccine, should it be released… Let’s hope it reaches South Africa very quickly!

  8. Well I get utis offten also. I was just wondering if my boyfriend ejaculates offten will it help me and maybe prevent utis? Cuz I get. Them maybe 2 to 3 times a year. And it really sucks.

  9. I was just wondering if my boy friend ejaculated often would it help to prevent utis? Because I get them at least 2 to 3 times a year. And they really suck :-(

  10. I am suffering too. Just heard about D-Mannose and ordered some today. Google D-Mannose to read all about it. Seems to help alot of people.

  11. I did not see in the symptoms that it can cause confusion. I have been taught that if you have a UTI you can get confused. is this true and if so wouldnt that be a symptom

  12. may E- mail me with a responce.

  13. This is the 2nd time for me. It really sucks. Haven’t had this since I was 28 yrs. old. And my birthday is coming up for #57, okay? So…I’m trying as you read this – the following parsley tea recipe I found on a website regarding UTI’s. Here it is: Boil 4 cups of water. Remove water from heat. Mince (cut up finely) 4 heaping tsps. of fresh parsley (including the stems, roots, etc.). Steep for 20 minutes and the strain it. Drink hot or cold. (It’ll keep in the refrig. for 5 days). Drink 4 cups a day for 7 days only!! OMG I pray this is it! This is no picnic for any woman, okay?! Wow… time for me start draining it, and drink up!

  14. Please let me know ladies, if this recipe is successful!! This is my 1st of 7 days only to try this parsley tea recipe. Here goes, I’m getting ready to drain it, and drink it!! O boy, here I go…

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