Dr Oz: Vampire Face Lift, Elure, Clear + Brilliant Turn Back Time


Dr Oz: SkinCeuticals & Retinol

Dr Oz discussed some of the most Revolutionary Ways To Turn Back The Hands Of Time with Cosmetic Cop Paula Begoun.  Three of the biggest products she introduced were:

– Skin Ceuticals Wrinkle Eraser (which makes some terrific products that I have tried and loved myself!)

– Retinol

– Antioxidants

Dr Oz: Elure for Age Spots

Philosophy Miracle Worker is a great dark spot corrector suggest by the Cosmetics Cop.  Another topical formula called Elure (one of the products shown on the segment) is an over-the-counter advanced skin lightening cream that reduces melanin and age spots.  For those looking to go the cosmetic treatment route, Dr. Anne Chapas, MD suggests the following procedures.  If anyone has had one of the following treatments, please share your experiences with us in the comment section below!

Dr Oz: Vampire Facelift

The Vampire Face Lift is a procedure that takes plasma (blood) from your own body and injects it into your Dr Oz Topical Elurewrinkles to plump them up and causes your skin to grow on its own. Be wary if your economical situation is tight though because this procedure is not cheap.  The Vampire Face Lift costs between $800-$1000 per session.  However, the results of this wrinkle reducing procedure are apparently fabulous!

Dr Oz: Clear & Brilliant Fraxel Wrinkle Treatment

Laser Treatments are the other type of procedure that discussed on the Dr Oz Show.  This Laser Treatment was performed on Tiffany, an audience member.  The Laser Treatment scrapes off dead skin for a smooth appearance and can cost between $200-$500 per treatment.  While this procedure costs less than the Vampire Face Lift, somehow it seems far less intriguing!   However, definitely share with us if you have had either of these facial procedures done, because we would love for everyone to benefit from real life feedback!


  1. eileen lepera says

    Your recommended Retinal A Cream has paraben in it. Paraben is an estrogen mimicker and should not be applied or used by women at all – I’m surprised you let this slip by you

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