Dr Oz: Vampire Facials, Corset Weight Loss & Sunflower Seed Butter

By on May 8, 2013

Dr Oz: Ask Wendy Review

Body image survivor and hyperhidrosis sufferer Wendy Williams has a new book, Ask Wendy, based on her popular talk show advice segment. (Plus, have you heard of Sunflower Seed Butter? Dr Oz gives it a thumbs up.)

Dr Oz: Vampire Facials, Corset Weight Loss & Sunflower Seed Butter

Wendy Williams shared straight talk from her new book, Ask Wendy, and weighed in on health trends like cupping and vampire facials. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

“My tried and true rule is, don’t loan money to anybody,” she said. “If you don’t have it to give, then don’t bother.” Her suggestion was to gift what you can afford instead of compromising a friendship or family relationship.

As for friendships, she said that friendship should be easy and it’s OK to break up with friends if you outgrow one another. She also advised avoiding romantic work relationships or close friendships.

Dr Oz: Vampire Facial Review

What does Wendy think about the Vampire Facial, which removes blood from your arm and re-injected into the face? Dr Oz, Wendy, and the audience thought this was a bridge too far for beauty.

Dr Oz: Corset Weight Loss Review

Jessica Alba said that she wore a corset to lose post-pregnancy weight. But Wendy said that she does not believe in support or compression garments. The audience was split on whether this was hot or not, but Dr Oz said shapewear can cause “bladder issues, nerve damage…[and] blood clots.”

Dr Oz: Cupping Trend

The last health trend, cupping, involved creating heated suction on the skin. Wendy said she has tried this, to explore an alternative treatment for her shoulder pain. She was proud to say she is also trying acupuncture and seeding treatments, which have energized her and made her feel zen.

The audience overwhelmingly thought this was hot, and Wendy admitted she used to be skeptical. Dr Oz agreed, noting that this could improve energy levels and manage muscle pain. He said you should find a licensed cupping therapist if you want to try this.

Wendy said she has heard cupping is a great treatment for menopause. You can get more advice from Wendy in her new book, or every weekday on The Wendy Williams Show.

Dr Oz Skinny Snacks: Tart Cherry Juice Popsicles

Audience members shared their skinny summer snacks. Homemade tart cherry juice popsicles are great for the skin and can get you a better night’s sleep, making it a healthy dessert.

Dr Oz: Sunflower Seed Butter Review

Last up was Sunflower Seed Butter, a peanut butter alternative you can eat on a sandwich. The viewer said she has been using this for two years and thinks people don’t use Sunflower Seed Butter because they don’t know about it.

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