Dr Oz: Vaniqa Facial Hair Removal Review


Dr Oz: Facial Hair Removal

In this segment, Dr Oz introduced an audience member who stated that she hated her hairy upper lip.  She tried bleaching, tweezing the hair, waxing, and even did something called “sugared” to get rid of the unwanted hair. Nothing worked.  The most difficult part of having the hair was that she felt people were staring at her lip instead of her when speaking to her.  She was a music teacher and her kids always asked why she had a mustache.


  1. K.L. says

    I have used the product for over a year now and it works great. Before using the product I would have to pluck chin hairs every day, now I pluck about once a week. It’s really been a great product for me.

  2. Cathy says

    I have used this product for years and for me it works well! It is pricey, I use a rebate coupon available on the Vaniqa web site.

  3. Etta Robins says

    I have used this product for several years and it works best if you have plucked or waxed the area first so it is clean of any hair. You can’t skip an application or hairs will pop up very quickly. Vaniqa’s manufacturer gives a $25 rebate coupon on its website and it is not nearly that expensive at WalMart Pharmacies.

  4. says

    I had high hopes for this prescription medication which is not covered by insurance and is over $100 a tube.

    It slows hair growth but it does not stop it completely. I have a lot of COURSE, BLONDE HAIRS and wasn’t a good candidate for laser hair removal.

    The bottom line is: It JUST DIDN’T WORK. I was still plucking, tweezing, every day! I just had marginally less hair growth. But worse, it caused in-grown hairs AND plucking and tweezing is now very difficult! The hair used to come ouit with ease – now its like trying to pull tree trunks. The hair is much more deeply rooted.

    I WILL NOT WASTE MY MONEY PURCHASING A THIRD TUBE. Maybe it will work for others with different hair time – but it DOES NOT WORK FOR ME.

    Thank you for letting me comment.
    Best wishes,
    M.S. Gilbert
    Tallahassee, FL

  5. M. Lowe says

    I am on my third tube and am very disappointed. I have had the same experience as M. S. Gilbert. My hair used to be blond and is now white. It is fine in texture. I still pluck my upper lip every day but would say there are less hairs to pluck. However some of the roots are HUGE and in those areas my upper lip has a red, raised appearance. I just priced Vaniqa at Walmart and it was $147 which is a big increase over the last time I purchased it. I won’t be buying it again!!!

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