Dr Oz: Vanity Sizing Is Bad For Your Health


Dr Oz: Vanity Sizing

Dr Oz did a show about Vanity Sizing, which is when you go to the store and can buy clothes that are several sizes smaller than what you really are because the designer has inflated their sizes.  You could think you are a size 8, but really be a size 12 which is why we should really only use these 5 Pieces of Clothes to Gauge Weight Gain.  Nothing makes us feel better than to fit into a smaller size at the store, but could retailers be changing sizes to play on this fact?  Do they make clothes big now so that we feel good about ourselves?  Doctor Oz spoke to Laura Moore, a historian of fashion who has been a pattern maker for years.  She said that Vanity Sizing is a real epidemic, because women will say things like they were a size 12 when they got married and they are still a size 12 today, but that really means that they gained weight most likely because sizes have shifted.  In the 1950’s a size 12 was a 26″ waist like Marilyn Monroe.  By the 1970’s a size 12 grew by 2″.  Then it grew another 5″ in the 1980’s.  And today a size 12 means you have a waist of 36.”

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