Dr Oz: VelaShape Giveaway for Cellulite Removal


Dr Oz: Velashape Cellulite Removal

Dr Oz introduced dermatologist, Dr. Lori Brightman, MD, to show you how the Velashape treatment worked to help you fight cellulite. According to Dr. Brightman, Velashape combined radio frequency and infrared to stimulate the skin to produce new collagen, which gives you a smoother appearance. The procedure is painless and you should see results immediately. (Really? I’ll take two then!)



  1. says

    Would live to try treatments to loose my cellulite! I love your show and record it every day. Please enter my name for the VelaShape giveaway. Thank you, Kim Lumsden

  2. Gail Gallagher says

    I would love to try the cellulite removal. Hope I can get in on the giveaway!!! Loyal Dr. Oz

  3. Kim Koers says

    I would absolutely love to try this. I am 43 and have not wore shorts since I was 30. I realize cellulite is hereditary. I have not wore shorts because of cellulite and also was in a terrible car accident, which trew me off the overpass and caused over two hundred stitches and surgeries in order to walk again, along with many other injuries. Please please help, This would be a dream

  4. says

    I can’t find a place to enter for the give-away. Maybe this is the way to enter. I hope so, I’d love to have ~even one treatment worth ~ of cellulite reduction.


  5. Mary Mulhall says

    To have an opportunity for a Velashape Cellulite treatment would be wonderful. It’s so unsightly and I always feel uncomfortable if I wear a swimming suits. Love your show!!

    Thank you,

  6. Mary Mulhall says

    To have an opportunity for a free Velashape Cellulite treatment would be wonderful. The treatment looks painless and would love to get rid of this cellulite. Love your show!!

    Thank you,

  7. Janice Ruff says

    I would like to enter for the give-away for the VelaShape Giveaway for Cellulite Removal and I hope this is the way to do it.

  8. says

    I’m 52 female, I work out and eat healthy, how ever I can never get rid off the cellulite on my bottom and back of my legs. I am a single mom with a daughter in college and I can’t afford it to get any of these amazing treatment on my own; Furthermore, I’m in a very shaky relationship, and I think part of the reasons why I don’t break it up is because I need to build my self back up. In the future, I would like to date again, and eventually find a great, caring, good looking boyfriend, but I am so self conscious about my body that I can’t even imagine being out there in the dating scene….Please help.

  9. Andrea says

    I was interested in ur cellulite give away package and live in the Los angeles area. i am 47 yrs ols and because of cellulite and varicose veins i need help to get back to shorts and skirts since i live in sunny California!!

  10. Sheri Sevenich says

    I recently got married to my old college sweetheart, after 30 yrs. apart. We are both now 52…and I am definitely not looking like I used to. Gravity, cellulite, lines….please help me return to more “me”. 🙂

  11. Cecelia says

    I would love to try velashape for cellulite I have not found anything that works. I don’t look forward summer cause of cellulite on my legs. Dr. Oz is one of my favorite TV show and fan chatroom,
    Thank you,

  12. Alice Garland says

    I would love to be considered for the giveaway Velashape treatment. Can’t find the form
    to sign up. Thanks ALice

  13. says

    I have a hard time finding how to get into to get the free Velashape machine and I really want and need it so bad. I have never wear short or dress since I was born. I have the worst cellulite then I have seen in any body else. Please help

  14. Molly says

    I got on to register,,Does anyone know when they will publish the winners? Also it said qualifying participants. Not sure what that meant?

  15. says

    Hi! I would love to enter to win the velashape treament. I think I have really bad cellulite. I have not seen it as bad in any body else. I am unhappy with my body. I don’t even let my husband see those cellulite body parts. I want to be able to wear short and dreesses. Please help.
    thank you!

  16. Vicki Fritz says

    I would love to win this, if you would see my legs you would know why I have bad circulation so my cellulite shows up so bad……….I would be a great candidate if it works for before and after pictures. 🙂

  17. Cygal Gylman says

    Dear Dr.Oz,

    I would love to get the free treatment of Velashape, since I have done the Carboxytherapy and the Dr. Recommended that I will have the Velashape at least once a month for maintenance.
    Thx in advance!

  18. Patricia dalomba says

    I would love to get the velashape treatment. How do i get it for free, not sure where to check?

  19. Deb Tilton says

    would like to get in on this, but I am watching a re-run show

    is this offer still good??

  20. Maggie Pasion says

    I love your show and learning a lot watching it. Please enter me on your velashape free treatment.

  21. says

    Where do you sign up? I would love to win a package , I am small and still have cellulite. Please help. thank you.

  22. Gloria Williams says

    I have been dealing with cellulite for a long time along with my weight,I will feel like im on top of the world if i were to win this! Most of my cellulite is on my back side and i have been trying to tone up and get trying to reduce the appearance of it and it does no god for me,im 31 yrs.old with two children and i still want to be attractive for my husband,this would mean the world to me,please help me. Thank you

  23. Frances says

    I am now 57 years old, I am going through menopause. My cellulite on my legs and my stomach are really disgusting to me. My vericose veins on my legs are just horrific. Can you help me. I would like to get your cellulite giveaway. I would really love to win velashape free treatmant.
    I’m really miserable, depressed..My appearance really makes me sick. Thank you

  24. says

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