Dr Oz: Vinegar Cleaning Solution, Nitrile Gloves & Fatal Cleaning Mistakes

Dr Oz did a segment called “Fatal Cleaning Mistakes” where he discussed 3 cleaning mistakes that could be fatal and hazardous to your health.  Do you know what toxins are hiding in your household items?  Doctor Oz was joined by Steve Laughlin who said that people do not read the ingredients or the instructions on household cleaning products, which is how they can literally get burned.  Dr Oz asked why are cleaning products harsher now?  Laughlin said that consumers wanted more concentrated products, so the cleaning product companies obliged with the idea that we can use less of it.  The problem is that we are still using the same amount as before, but now it is even more concentrated cleaning products. Dr Oz Rubber Gloves Nitrile Gloves

Fatal Cleaning Mistake #1: Mixing Cleaners

Dr Oz said that we should not mix any cleaning products, but bleach especially.  The only thing to mix with bleach is water, because if you mix ammonia with bleach for example, it releases a toxic gas that was actually used as a weapon in World War I!

Dr Oz: White Vinegar Cleaning Solution

Dr Oz said that the best and least toxic cleaning solution is to mix 10% white vinegar with 90% water, because the vinegar will kill all of the bacteria.  I prefer Dr Oz’s recipe from a previous show for a Natural Cleaning Solution made of borax, dish soap, vinegar, water and peppermint oil.  A few extra ingredients, but it sure smells better I’d think!

Fatal Cleaning Mistake #2: Over-Spraying Cleaners

Dr Oz said that you must wear a mask when you do lots of cleaning, but especially when you use aerosol containers like oven cleaning sprays.  Laughlin said that people who use spray cleaners once a week have a 49% higher risk of getting Asthma.  So instead of using aerosol spray cleaners and breathing in the aerosolized material, use a liquid oven cleaner and liquid forms of cleaning products.

Fatal Cleaning Mistake #3: Skipping Nitrile Gloves

Certain products, like toilet bowl cleaner, can give you burns on your skin if you clean without wearing rubber gloves.  The hydrochloric acid in the toilet bowl cleaner, over repeated exposure, can burn your skin.  In fact, Dr Oz noticed that his helper from the audience had destroyed her cuticles by using harsh cleaning products without rubber gloves.  Dr Oz said that you should buy Nitrile Gloves because chemicals cannot dissolve them, and write on each pair of gloves kitchen sink, toilet, window, etc. so that you know what area of the house to use a pair of rubber gloves for.  And do not be fooled, Nitrile Gloves are not always blue gloves and not all blue gloves are Nitrile Gloves, so read the packaging carefully!


  1. Angie says

    The white vinegar is shown as a strong cleaning agents in a lot of sources in internet. I think this is misleading and it’s great you point using only white vinegar as a mistake.

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