Dr Oz: Vinegar Water Vegetable Cleaning Solution for Produce


Dr Oz: Secrets Supermarkets Don’t Want You to Know

Dr Oz spoke about things like Sage Oil Supplements and Soy Isoflavone to help prevent aging, but what about avoiding dangers to your health at the grocery store?  You shop at the supermarket every week thinking it’s safe. Did you know that more than 20 people may have touched the fruit you buy? On today’s show, Doctor Oz pointed out the top secrets your supermarket does not want you to know about. Along with Peter DeLucia, a government health official, Dr Oz showed you the most dangerous parts of the supermarket, as well as, how to keep you and your family from getting sick. This information may change the way you shop forever!  Plus, Dr Oz gave a great Vinegar Water Produce Wash to keep your families healthy when eating vegetables from the grocery.  You should also read the segment at the following link when Dr Oz also spoke about a Pesticide Solution Recipe.

Pick Supermarket Milk From the Back

Milk in the front of the refrigerated case is most likely the wrong temperature because open fridge cases do not hold their temperatures toward the front.



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    Why do elderly people smell like mole and what do you suggest doing about it. I’m 60 years old.

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