Dr Oz: Vitalicious Chocolate Vitabrownie & Diet Packaged Food Review

By on January 31, 2012

Dr Oz: Diet Packaged Foods

Doctor Oz did a segment where he presented a whole list of Diet Frozen Meals. You can even read the complete Dr Oz 99 Food List to be prepared before going to the grocery store!  But I bet you didn’t know that desserts could actually help you lose weight? (Don’t worry, I didn’t either.) According to Dr Oz, eating desserts is fine. It’s the type of dessert that may destroy your diet efforts. On today’s show, Dr Oz complied a quick list of 4 sweet treats that are deliciously healthy.

Dr Oz designated, Sue, an audience member, to be the taste tester for this segment. (Jealous much?!) Sue told Dr Oz that she was always looking for ways to lose weight, but she loves dark chocolate and cookies and constantly indulges in the yummy goodies. After eating more than she should, she felt guilty and beat herself up about it. She told Dr Oz that she was looking to lose another 20 lbs. (Not eating cookies and chocolate!)

Dr Oz: Breyer’s Fruit Swirl Bars

1. Breyer’s Pure Fruit Berry Swirl Bars

Dr Oz Vitabrownie

Dr Oz Back To Nature Cookies Review

– Made with real fruit
– No fat
– Good source of antioxidants and vitamin A, C
– 40 calories

Sue tried it and loved it!

Dr Oz: Back To Nature Cookies

2. Back To Nature Cookies
Back To Nature Chocolate Chunk Cookies and Back To Nature Peanut Butter Creme Cookies are two of the yummy varieties!
– Made with safflower oil
– No artificial preservatives, flavors or colors
– 130 calories
Dr Oz suggested replacing fat-free cookies with this product. They’ll leave you satisfied and less hungry. Sue tried the cookies and told Doctor Oz they were good. She even went back for another.

Dr Oz: Almond Dream Lil Dreamers

3. Almond Dream Lil Dreamers
– 100 calories
– made with almonds
– No cholesterol
– 4g fat
Being an ice cream fiend, this was one of my personal favorites. Sue tried this product and gave it the thumbs up.

Dr Oz: Vitalicious Chocolate Vitabrownie

4. (Your cheat dessert)- Vitalicious Chocolate Vitabrownie
– 10 g of fiber
– 7 grams insoluble fiber
– whole wheat
– 100 calories
– 2g fat
Out of the 4 desserts, Dr Oz says the Vitalicious Chocolate Vitabrownie is the most decadent, but because of the nutrients, it is actually good for you. This is the dessert that may actually keep you from cheating.

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  1. No list of 99 foods for your shopping cart!
    I’m not

  2. I would like a list of the 99 food for your shopping cart. I am a widow and live alone and it is hard to fix just for yourself and be healthy. I believe this would be a great help. Thank You.

  3. Where are Vitalicious items sold????

  4. Gaye just type on the computer vitalicious and you’ll find what you need.

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