Dr Oz: Vitamin B12 Deficiency


Dr Oz: B12 Deficiency

On today’s Doctor Oz Show (B12 Deficiency – Are You Missing Out On The Fountain Of Youth), Dr Oz told his fans about the superhero supplement, vitamin B12, and how you may not be getting enough of it.  This has been a hot topic lately, as Hoda recently spoke about her experience with Vitamin B12 boosting her energy on the Today Show (click here for the details: Hoda Vitamin B12). Vitamin B12, nature’s secret weapon, is necessary for turning back the clock and keeping you looking and feeling young. Is this your fountain of youth?



  1. Rosalee Adams says

    It is VERY serious if you have a B-12 deficiency………….it causes unbelievable
    problems…………including one item not listed……….deterioration of the spinal cord
    Fountain of Youth is a minor issue compared to the devastating affect on the body
    if someone is deficient…………

  2. do says

    Anyone know the effects of too much B-12?
    I recently got the results of my bloodwork and it was really high; outside the norm.
    I was taking a supplement because one of the meds I take said it depleted B12.

  3. says

    Unfortunately, there is no definitive test for B12 deficiency. You can go through all the tests and have them say you are O.K., but still have symptoms that are only alleviated by B12. Just because your blood has a lot of B12, doesn’t mean it’s usable B12. Supposedly, you can’t O.D. on it. I suggest You Tube “Living with the Fog”, produced by the Pernicious Anemia Society in England.
    I had many symptoms including brain fog, increasingly painful and heavy periods, and extreme pain in my legs and feet. I started taking 15,000mcg or 5g B12 sublingually a day, and I can think, walk, and I no longer double over in pain during my period. Any less and the problems return in about two weeks.
    Since people don’t know if they are deficient, I think everyone should take 1000mg a day.
    I don’t know if the B12 will harm me in the future, but I was falling apart before, and who knows how much permanent damage was done all those years without it?

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