Dr Oz: Vitamin D Prevents Heart Disease, Parkinsons & Diabetes


Dr Oz: Fast Forward Friday

Dr Oz’s show called Fast Forward Friday gave some simple and fast ways to improve your health and to jump-start your life.  Did you know that just one pill can prevent Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes and Alzheimers Disease… and the pill only costs 10 cents?  This “miracle” pill is Vitamin D, which is even more important than any of us ever thought.  Vitamin D deficiencies are found in over 20 different diseases.

Dr Oz: Vitamin D Prevents 20 Diseases

Dr Oz ran an experiment by sending 50 people from his audience to a Bioreference Laboratory to get their Vitamin D Levels tested.  62% of them tested Dr Oz Vitamin Dto have low levels of Vitamin D, and Doctor Oz said that is close to the national average.  Dr Mark Hyman said that Vitamin D impacts our health in many ways including that it is responsible for over 200 genes, including those in charge of the Immune System.  Vitamin D boosts your Thyroid, is good for your brain, prevents Diabetes, Heart Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and the list just goes on and on.  Dr Oz said that by eating healthy foods, you will almost never get enough Vitamin D.  You want to have a Vitamin D Level that is 45 or above, but anything over 32 your body can tolerate.  If your Vitamin D Level is beneath 32, then your body is suffering.  Dr Hyman said that if you are African American, you are at an even higher risk of being Vitamin D Deficient because dark skin does not make as much Vitamin D when it is exposed to the sun.  Dr Oz said that if you draw a horizontal line from Atlanta to just North of Los Angeles, anyone who lives to the North of that line does not get enough Vitamin D from the sun in winter months.

Dr Oz: Vitamin D & Heart Disease

Dr Oz said that Vitamin D reduces your risk of getting Heart Disease.  He suggested taking a minimum of 1000 IU of Vitamin D every day, but if you have a very low Vitamin D level then you may need to take more.  A study found that if everyone took 2000 IU of Vitamin D every day, we could save $40-50 billion a year in health care costs and we would save hundreds of thousands of lives.  Doctor Oz said that after you have been taking Vitamin D supplements for a month, you should have your Vitamin D Levels checked again to be sure that you are taking the proper dose.

Dr Oz: Cod Liver Oil & Vitamin D

Doctor Oz said that Vitamin D also helps to prevent Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  Dr Oz said that in medical school they were taught that people who live in colder areas are more likely to get MS, and perhaps this is because of their lower levels of Vitamin D.  Another shocking statistic is that 70% of people who are diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease also have low Vitamin D Levels.  Dr Mark Hyman said that people with low levels of Vitamin D have an increased risk of Dementia and Parkinson’s, which are both related to inflammation.  Plus, Vitamin D is a great brain food and helps more nerves to grow.  Dr Oz said that by taking 1 TB of Cod Liver Oil, you can dramatically help your Vitamin D Levels.  Doctor Oz loves the fish flavored Cod Liver Oil, but most people prefer the Lemon Flavored Cod Liver Oil, unless you are really a fan of fishy flavors!

Dr Oz: Sundried Shiitake Mushrooms & Vitamin D

Dr Oz said that Vitamin D helps to prevent Diabetes and being Obese.  Dr Mark Hyman said that people who are overweight do not convert sun into Vitamin D through their skin as well.  A study also found that if you start off with high levels of Vitamin D and try to lose weight that you will be more successful.  Doctor Oz said that another great source of Vitamin D is Sundried Shiitake Mushrooms, which has the highest level of Vitamin D that you can find in just about any food that you eat.  There is around 900 IU of Vitamin D in them, plus they are low in calories and have no sugar, which is great for Diabetics.


  1. Brenda Canterbury says

    your vitamin d info is helpful I am a white female my vitamin d level is only 30 I am on 50,000 iu a week what should i do to bring it up more

  2. Kathy says

    I am a 45 yo female with MS. My d3 levels is 25 and my primary doc says it’s fine! What should I do? It is so frustrating that regular doctors stink! Most of them have NO clue about vitamin levels. I had a doc that said my B-12 level at 285 was normal but my neurologist said NO any thing lower than 350 causes neurological problems…so I was given shots. Now I take 1000 mcg microlozenges and it’s at 810 and climbing.

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