Dr Oz: Vitamin D Revolution Review & Supplement Recommendation


Dr Oz: Vitamin Strengthens Immune System

Dr. Oz talked with Dr. Soram Khalsa about his practice of Integrative Medicine and how it can be a wonderful complement to traditional medicine when treating patients. He explained the practice of Applied Kinesiology as well the dangers of too many chemicals in personal care products.

Dr Oz: Dr. Soram Khalsa – Vitamin D Deficiency

Dr. Soram Khalsa, author of the of the book The Vitamin D Revolution, believes there is a Vitamin D epidemic happening due to a lack of knowledge regarding just how important it is to our health. He told Dr. Oz that Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to 17 types of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and chronic pain. He noted a study that showed if women were to keep their Vitamin D level above 52, we could cut the instance of breast cancer in half.

Dr Oz: Importance of Vitamin D

Dr. Oz used an animation to show the importance of Vitamin D to our health. He explained that as we walk around and get direct exposure to sunlight, we provide our body with Vitamin D. That Vitamin D works to directly strengthen our immune system so cancer cells do not stand a shot at growing or spreading in our body. He added that about 2/3 of Americans are deficient in Vitamin D making him wonder why more doctors are not doing something about it when treating their patients. Dr. Soram explained that many doctors are simply not checking the levels in their patients and that is why he wrote his book, The Vitamin D Revolution, so everyone could have a helpful guide to help them take care of their family.

Dr Oz: Vitamin D Supplement vs Sun Exposure

Vitamin D Supplement

Dr Soram Khalsa says that Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to 17 different cancers, so he recommends 2,000 units per day in supplement form in order to keep your body healthy.


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