Dr Oz: Vitamin E in Sunflower Seeds & Potassium in Sweet Potatoes


Dr Oz played a game called Nutrient Shortfalls, because even healthy people can fall short of nutrients they need to protect themselves.  Do you know which foods are rich in Vitamin E, Potassium and Vitamin A?  Doctor Oz gave three fabulous sources to fill these Nutrient Shortfalls! Dr Oz Vitamin Shortfalls

Dr Oz: Vitamin E in Sunflower Seeds

Dr Oz said that you need 400 IU of Vitamin E every day, and people on average get only 10 IU of Vitamin E, which helps to protect your skin from UV damage caused by the sun.  Sunflower Seeds have 18 times more Vitamin E than Mangoes, which is another reason to eat sunflower seeds (the first reason is that they are super tasty!).

Dr Oz: Potassium in Sweet Potatoes

Dr Oz said that you need 4700 mg of Potassium daily, and most people only get half of that.  Potassium is vital to our bodies and it can even help to keep your blood pressure at a healthy level, but if you are low in potassium you can become very irritable, weak and fatigued.  Sweet potatoes are high in potassium and low in calories.

Dr Oz: Vitamin A in Pumpkin

Dr Oz said that we need 700 mcg of  Vitamin A daily and on average we get 550 mcg – which is better than the other nutrients because all of our wheat products are fortified with Vitamin A generally.  Dr Oz said that pumpkin is rich in Vitamin A and helps with your cognitive function too.

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