Dr Oz: Vitamin K Foods: Eggs, Broccoli, Spinach & Fermented Cheese


Dr Oz Vitamin K Food Sources

In this segment, Dr Oz introduced Wendy, Lisa, and Kathy, who are all good friends, to play Dr Oz’s Win Your Daily Dose!  Doctor Oz took their food diaries and calculated how much vitamin K each woman was getting on a daily basis.  According to the food diaries, Wendy got the most, Lisa was second, and Kathy was last.  Since Wendy was first, she got to choose which door she preferred.  Wendy chose door number 1.  Since Lisa was second, she chose next.  Lisa chose door number 2.  Kathy chose door number 3.  Behind each door, there was a Super Source of Vitamin K.

Dr Oz: Vitamin K Natural Sources

Door 1: Wendy guessed collard greens and, unfortunately, she was wrong.  The first Super Source of Vitamin K was (drum roll, please) EGGS!  Wendy opened the door and behind it were some chicks and eggs.  Eggs give you a quarter of the protein you need.


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