Dr Oz: Vitamins & Supplements: What’s in Your Supplements?


Doctor Oz did a segment on Vitamins and Supplements.  Do you know what is in your supplements?  Dr Oz reviewed a variety of different Vitamins and Supplements including Green Tea Extracts, Weight Loss Pills and Chondroitin.  What Vitamins and Supplements are safe and which have illegal ingredients in them and are not safe?  Vitamins & Supplements

Dr Oz said 150 million people take one of 70,000 different dietary supplements on the market, spending billions of dollars each year.  The FDA does not require testing of Vitamins and Supplements before they go to market.  And 50,000 people have adverse reactions each year to Vitamins and Supplements – some people even die from them.


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    Hello Lisette! This website (wellbuzz.com) is not affiliated with or sponsored by Dr. Oz, we are just Dr. Oz’s biggest fan website… So we cannot speak on behalf of Dr. Oz or give medical advice… that being said, have you done any research online at reputable websites? You could also ask your local pharmacist.

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    My mom ALWAYS talks about Dr. Oz. I’m a fan too. The most interesting show, well one of them, was the one where he showed how over time our body produces less oil on our scalp and how using curling irons and flateners can literally burn your hair dry. In regards to this article, check out our site for some answers. Truth be told.

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    hello , i watch dr oz show and i tried to find out what is in my vitamins and can not get on because i live in canada ,it would not go through with no choice for canada

  4. Alice Ernst says

    I have been taking Purely Vitamins Multi Vitamin formula, one daily. This has no minerals in it and is a brand I found without iron, copper or zinc, because you said we should avoid those minerals. Are there harmful things in the Purely Vitamins vitamin pill?

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