Dr Oz: Vitiligo – Skin Pigment Disease – Incurable Skin Condition

Doctor Oz did a show on Vitiligo, a skin disease that attacks your skin’s pigment.  Tracy Edwards, a 47 year old mother, has Vitiligo, which is an incurable skin condition.  Michael Jackson also had Vitiligo, which is why he struggled with the pigment of his skin color.  Dr. Oz even said they did a biopsy on Michael Jackson and determined that Jackson definitely had Vitiligo.  Tracy had her son Timothy when she was 34 years old, and everything changed.  When Tracy looks in the mirror, she said she sees a monster.  Before being diagnosed with Vitiligo, Tracy was told she had a whole host of different autoimmune diseases.  Eventually Tracy, a woman of color, started to get white skin patches and was told she has Vitiligo.  Tracy used to be a flight attendant, but now people just stare at her.  Could Dr. Oz help?  Of course!

Microskin for Vitiligo

In less than two hours, Tracy was revamped by Dr. Roy Geronemus at the Laser Center of New York.  Dr. Geronemus said that usually Vitiligo is smaller (around your mouth, hands and arms), but Michael Jackson and Tracy are more extreme cases. Microskin can be formulated to be the exact same color as your skin.  You can sweat through microskin, wipe it, shower and swim with it on.  Microskin lasts for several days before needing to be reapplied.  To get microskin, you need a computerized analysis to get the exact right color or shade of your skin.  Tracy said it feels just like skin, and it does not feel thick like heavy makeup.  Microskin New York is giving Tracy a full year’s supply of microskin!  Tracy, you look beautiful!

Causes of Vitiligo

Usually autoimmune disorders cause Vitiligo like thyroid problems, lupus, or diabetes.  Everyone has pigments in their skin, which is released by cells in the form of melatonin, which is like a dye for our skin.  If your body attacks these melatonin releasing cells, then you will have no pigment in those areas and this is called Vitiligo.  Vitiligo effects every race, but it is most noticeable on darker skin (like Tracy).  People also seem to get Vitiligo the most in areas of the skin that are exposed to the sun.


  1. Lynn Bigelman says

    The segment on Vitilgo was fascinating and life changing. I believe Dr. Geronemus does some amazing life changing work with babies as well. It would be worth seeing.

  2. Earl L. Sargent says

    I found this article very interesting. I have had vitiligo since 1966. It was first notice while I was in the United Army. I have had various treatments and nothing seem to help. It can be a real souce of embrasement.

  3. Karen says

    I heard/read that Cuban medicine has some cure. It takes a while, but works. They claim that they help 3000-4000 people every year. I hope it’s true…

  4. Jeanann says

    I’d like to thank Dr.Oz for speaking out and clearing any lingering doubts about Michael Jackson’s vitiligo. Mr. Jackson told everyone he had it, but it was more sensationalistic for the medai to print that he didn’t want to be black. Mr. Jackson always said he was proud to be a black American and proud of his race.
    He was in the public eye all over the world. I can’t imagine the embarassment and the emotional pain and sadness he must have felt trying to deal with this horribly disfiguring disease.

    The media played a big part in destroying Michael Jackson’s life and reputation. It is tragic that it took his death, and an autopsy report, to convince those who called him a liar. Even now, with the medical proof that he had the disease, there are still those who continue to doubt even when the truth is put in front of them! Unbelieveable!

  5. Elizabeth says

    Michael Jackson came forth publicly and shared what was happening with his skin pigmentation. Very brave and strong to share his personal health problems so that we, “the ever watching public” would know the truth. Many did not believe Michael when he told about the issue of his vitiligo. How much more of what Michael told us was the absolute truth which the media took and distorted to try to tear this great humanitarian down. But, you know what, it didn’t work. Michael Joseph Jackson is still celebrated and loved the world over. Thank you Dr. Oz for emphatically stating that yes, Michael Joseph Jackson did suffer from vitiligo just as he stated.

  6. Jackie says

    Actually Elizabeth, Michael did not come out and be an advocate for vitiligo. He took great pains to hide it. He had such a poor self image and distorted his looks until he became a monster. And now THAT is the legacy of vitiligo he leaves behind. Nothing ticks me off more than when people compare my daughter to Michael Jackson. He should have been an advocate and used his fame to educate and inform. He has only made things worse.

  7. janice gordon says

    i have had vitiligo since 2008 and it has rapidly taken over my whole body, which is very embarassing to look at. I am considering depigmentation, so if anyone knows of a de-pigmentation doctor please let me know

  8. grace says

    please stop with the FALSE thyroid (shadow fishing) claims. it is simply a skin color problem mainly caused by yoga’s bow-pose.

  9. teresa parada says

    Hola Dr., soy de neuquen, argentina, y quisiera saber si existe alguna posibilidad de hacer el tratamiento ya que padesco vitiligo y en este pais no tengo posibilidad de tratamiento.
    desde ya muchas gracias
    teresa parada
    A. Storni 896
    8300 neuquén

  10. Elsa says

    Where do i get the info for the treatment for vitiligo, the one at Dr Oz Show with Dr roy Geronemus?
    Thank you and i’ll wait for your reply.

  11. John says

    My son 4 yrs old has vitiligo. We had great results through traditional Indian treatment called Ayurveda. It comes with a cream to be applied + one tablet + colostrome powder to be mixed with milk and drink twice a day. The cream has to be applied daily and that part should be exposed to sun for about 10 minutes. We did this because we have met few people (kids) who had this condition and they had their pigmentation back on. In some case, it took about a year to do it. My son only has a small amount around his mouth and arm and it’s showing a big improvement. Happy to pass on any information if helpful.

  12. hopa says

    Hello , I need help please my son 9 years old and he have vitiligo and I want to take him to New York how I can find the best doctors there please help as soon as you can

  13. Vendas says

    Hello John,

    Will it be possible to share more details about the treatment and the details of the Doctors? How do we approach them? Please advise.

  14. Kelley says

    My daughter who is now 7 got vitiligo at the age of 5 1/2. Please share any remedies that have worked…..please!!!!!

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