Dr Oz: Vocal Cord Abuse & Dr Steven Zeitels


Doctor Oz did an episode on Vocal Cord Abuse with Dr Steven Zeitels, who has done Vocal Cord Surgery on famous people including Julie Andrews and Steven Tyler.  Dr Oz screened everyone in his audience and found a woman with a very hoarse voice who said that her voice is always hoarse.  If you yell at your kids, talk on the phone too much, or scream at  your kid’s games, then you could be straining your vocal cords and even kill your vocal cords.


  1. Tammy says

    Dr Zeitels also saved my husband’s voice but not from any of the reasons mentioned above. He had vocal cord cancer on his right vocal cord. We were told the only treatment available was radical surgery to remove the entire vocal cord and hope he could speak, eat and breathe without assistance. Dr. Zeitels was able to use laser surgery to remove the cancer. My husband is doing great. His voice has mostly returned back to normal (before the surgery he was very hoarse) and he can eat and breathe normally. If it wasnt for Dr.Zeitels my husband wouldnt be resuming his normal life right now.

  2. Emma says

    He performed surgery to remove nodes from Julie Andrew’s vocal cords?
    Can I point out that this surgery to “save” Julie’s voice took it from her forever? She once had a four octave range and now she can sing about 5 relatively decent, kind of hoarse notes.
    I don’t know if this is the man who did that, but if it is, I am not happy with him for taking away one of the most beautiful voices in history.

  3. tammy says

    Emma, The dr that destroyed her voice worked at a hospital in NY. Dr Zeitels gave it back her.

  4. Sally says

    Where could a person find out more about this? My hubby has cancer of the tongue and nodes in the throat. Thanks to anyone who can reply.

  5. sandy schrecengost says

    I live on the west coast an hour north of LA. I wonder if his practice could recommend a vocal specialist on this coast? How do I contact his practice? I have struggled for nearly 15 years with spastic dysphonia which is painful every single day. Thank you

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