Dr. Oz: Weak & Frail Bones- Bone Injuries & Healthy Bone Tips

Dr. Oz played his favorite childhood game on his show, Operation!  Lets see how much you know about bone health, bone injuries and osteoporosis!

1.  True or False: If you have swelling or inflammation with a bone injury, apply a warm compress for 30 minutes?

FALSE!!! You should always treat bone injuries that are inflamed or swollen with ice, never heat.

2. True or False: Drinking too much alcohol can lead to the weakening and thinning of bones?

TRUE!!!  If you are a women who is having 2 or more alcoholic beverages a day, then you are increasing your chances of osteoporosis.

3.  Is 10 minutes of sun a day enough to help your bones?

Yes, actually 15 minutes of sun each day is what Dr. Oz usually recommends.

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