Dr Oz Weekend Challenge: Kate Geagan & Dr James Beckerman


Dr Oz’s Weekend Challenge

Dr Oz’s Weekend Challenge

Doctor Oz’s Weekend Challenge was all about turning two days around to overhaul your health.  I think it would be a great experiment for all of us to take Dr Oz’s Weekend Challenge this weekend and then to come back on Monday and talk about how it went… any improvements or things that just did not work for you?  Just leave a comment below!  Also, don’t forget to read about the #1 thing Dr Oz wants us to do this weekend that is guaranteed to save at least one life: Dr Oz: Prevent A Heart Attack Monday Morning.

Dr Oz: Sleeping In Late

Doctor Oz said that on Saturday mornings, many of us are tempted to sleep in late.  When you wake-up at 6 am everyday during the week, you want to catch up on your sleep on Saturday.  But did you ever Dr Oz's Weekend Challengenotice that when you wake-up at noon you are even more tired?  So how should we catch-up on our sleep?  Dr Oz said that we should not Sleep In Late, and by late he means sometime around noon.  A phenomenon called Sleep Jet Lag occurs when you do this because you mess up your body’s sleep cycle when you go back to your normal wake-up time on Monday morning.


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