Dr Oz: Weight Loss Miracles in Your Medicine Cabinet


Doctor Oz gave a list of weight loss and diet miracles that you find in your medicine cabinet including vitamin b, African Mango (or Irvingia Gabonensis) and a multivitamin.  Now that I already gave you the answers, you will have an easy time answering Dr Oz’s quiz! Dr Oz Irvingia Gabonensis

Which of these supplements help you reach your goal of losing “Just 10 Pounds” this year and why does the supplement help you to lose weight:



  1. juanita davis says

    Dr Oz ineed to lose the fat and weight but I had a mitral value replaced and I take warfarin will
    the africian mango interfere with the warfarin ? I also have a sugar problem it seems like I gain about 1 to2lbs every 30 days.I am not able to get around very good. i watch your show five days a week. I feel if any Dr could help me it would be you. I have ask several medical people but they know nothing about it. PLEASE let me know if I can take it or if it would affect the warfarin. I take no Vitamin K. You explain everything so that the people can undeerstand so keep on teaching us that way people like me can know the signs to watch for so we can be nealthy.

  2. Missy says

    What brand of african mango diet should be purchased and how many mg’s is it supposed to be? Are they safe to take with Vitamin D, B, E and calcium supplements?

  3. Tina says

    Dr. Oz, hit the nail on the head. I lost 22 lbs. Using the African Mango diet, and did not change any thing else, just followed the plan. But stopped using the $50.00 bottle of african mango and have gained 11 lbs. back of you can afford it try it . It works, but you have to keep taking it. I can no longer afford the $50.00 bottle of pills …..Oh and you have to drink Fiber …YUCK

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