Dr Oz: Weight Loss Questions: Blood Type Diet & Emotional Eating


Dr Oz: Toughest Weight Loss Questions

Dr Oz answered our Toughest Weight Loss Questions on today’s Doctor Oz Show.  Do you know why your body seems to hang on to every extra pound and you just can’t seem to get rid of it?  Dr Oz, along with Dr Adrienne Youdim and Leslie Bonci (a Registered Dietitian), spoke about the Blood Type Diet, Emotional Eating, how many calories you need to eat to lose weight, how to lose fat without losing muscle, healthy snacks, how to avoid sugar cravings and tips for Menopause Weight Gain.  What was excellent about this segment is that there really was something for everyone.  I also highly recommend reading about Dr Oz’s Belly Fat tips!

Dr Oz: Blood Type Diet

Wendy, a lady in Dr Oz’s audience, asked him if the Blood Type Diet works.  For those of you who might not be familiar with the Blood Type Diet, the concept is that different blood types require different diets to be healthy.  Dr Oz Weight Loss Questions

Dr Oz: Type O Blood Diet

Type O Blood which is the most common, and what Dr Oz and Wendy both have, is the oldest blood type.  So the theory is that your ancestors were from a very long time ago, and so you should only eat things that were available a long time ago like lean proteins.  There were no grains, so Type O Blood Type individuals should increase their lean proteins like chicken and fish, while eliminating grains.  Dr Adrienne Youdim said that there is no real evidence that your blood type impacts how you lose weight, and she thinks that these diets might be too restrictive and intimidating for people.  Leslie Bonci also said that the Blood Type Diet might be too exclusionary for everyone, and by eliminating certain foods you might find you are too tired to exercise.  But Dr Oz seemed in favor of giving the Blood Type Diet a shot to see if it works for you.  He said that when he follows the diet for his blood type that he definitely feels better.

Dr Oz: Type A Blood Diet

The Type A Blood is called the Agrarian, and you are supposed to eat mainly soy proteins, grains and vegetables.  My blood type is Type A, and I found this to be very interesting because I naturally tend to prefer vegetarian foods.  In fact, very rarely to I have a desire to eat any meat, chicken or fish.  Now I know that it might just be my Blood Type that makes me have vegetarian tendencies!

Dr Oz: Type B Blood Diet

The Type B Blood is called Nomadic, and low-fat dairy is fine for these individuals, but they should avoid wheat and lentils.

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