Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips from Willie, Annette & Tasha – Fast Diet

Doctor Oz brought a family: Willie, Annette and Tasha, on his television show to teach them how to lose weight or what would happen to their hearts, because they were literally walking time bombs just waiting for heart attacks or strokes.  Dr. Oz did a follow up with Willie, Annette and Tasha and here is how they did plus their Weight Loss Tips! Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tips & Fast Diet

Weight Loss Tips from Tasha:

Tasha lost 79 pounds after a pretty fast diet!  Tasha said she feels herself again.  She used to have sleep apnea and had to use a sleep apnea machine.  Tasha said we can use things like sleep apnea caused by being overweight to encourage ourselves to lose weight and to stick to our diet.

Weight Loss Tips from Annette:

Annette lost her husband and her job within a short period of time, which was a major distraction for her, but she still lost 31 pounds.  She said it is crucial to eat healthy and exercise.  Annette’s number one tip is to make sure to do your 10,000 steps a day and to measure the steps you take with a Pedometer.

Weight Loss Tips from Willie:

Willie said that the way he lost 73 pounds was through calorie management, the help of his nutritionist, by targeting the number of calories you should eat and burning them off.


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