Dr Oz: Weird Reasons You’re So Tired: H-Pylori & Tyramine


Dr Oz: Weird Reasons You Are Tired

You’re tired, exhausted, and have zero energy. On today’s show, Doctor Oz showed you that your fatigue may not be due to stress or lack of sleep. Your exhaustion may be due to other bizarre reasons.  Plus, Doctor Oz shared a handful of Exhaustion Remedies including Nopal Cactus Supplements.

Fatigue is the most common symptom your doctor hears.


  1. says

    home remedies to get rid of h-pylori? have been dealing with germ for 2 years, have taken many antibiotics, none of them are working. does h pylori have anything to do with the taste of metal in the mouth?

  2. Pat woelfel says

    My daughter 29 has had life threatening epiglotitis twice she is a mouth breather?? Can you comment on anything we can do to prevent this? We are all scared to death it will recur again. Thank you.

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