Dr Oz: Wellspring Academy Boarding School for Obese Children


Dr Oz: Obese Children Boarding School

Dr Oz did a show on Childhood Obesity, and said that one school thinks they might have the answer.  Wellspring Academy is a boarding school for Obese Kids.  In addition to their regular studies, the kids are taught to re-program their dangerous eating habits.  They are taught nutrition, cooking skills and take physical education twice a day.  So far, over 800 kids have graduated from Wellspring Academy and they have lost a total of 50,000 pounds.  Doctor Oz said that on the tv show Too Fat For Fifteen, they featured two of the kids at Wellspring Academy.

Dr Oz: Wellspring Academy

Doctor Oz brought two girls from Wellspring Academy onto his show: Carsyn Nash and Tanisha Mitchell.  Carsyn, an 18 year old girl, said that she Dr Oz Wellspring Academyremembers her mom commenting on her weight since the third grade, but the only thing that comforted her was food.  Tanisha weighed 510 pounds when she went to Wellspring, and today she weighs 235 pounds.  Carsyn has only been at Wellspring Academy for one year, but she originally weighed 203 pounds and lost 50 pounds.  Tanisha said that she thinks that parents are partially responsible, but for her it was also due to being bed ridden from having a bone disease.  The combination of being immobile and eating unhealthy foods is what made her gain so much weight.

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